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Real Estate Transactions

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Properties Purchased for Our Clients

Welcome To Italian Real Estate Lawyers, An International Property Law Firm

Italian Property Experts

Are you intending to purchase Italian Real Estate for when you retire or as a second home? Our team of Italian property lawyers, consultants and real estate experts will help to guide you through the process of purchasing your dream home. Our team is comprised of lawyers specialized in Italian real estate law and, in particular, cross-border transactions for both residential and commercial clients.

What We Do

Our team of lawyers is well equipped to deal with transactions that require the understanding of the legal jurisdictions and cultures of both countries, which is necessary to complete a property purchase. Although we primarily service English-speaking clients, we have acquired substantial experience with assisting Spanish and Russian nationals in investing in property in Italy.

How We Do It

We provide a preliminary consultancy with an Italian expert in real estate law who is fluent in English which is designed to answer all of your questions in a clear and concise manner. This provides us with an initial oversight of what you aim to achieve to establish the best route of achieving it. In order to do so we use our knowledge of both the Italian property market and Italian property laws.

Where We Are

We have physical offices based in Italy and California, but we are truly a global property law firm that uses modern technology to talk to and arrange meetings with clients worldwide, ensuring that they become fully versed in legal matters. If you would like assistance and guidance with purchasing an Italian property we are the experts here to help you in the process.

Assisting Clients Worldwide

“Law is nothing but the best reason of wise men applied for ages to the transactions
and business of mankind”

— Abraham Lincoln

Without the rule of law, all business and transactions would break down – we will make sure that
all our clients’ property transactions are completed in accordance with all governing laws.



Ascertain the legal rights of the vendor, collection of property information from Italian public registrar. Review of seller’s rights and power to see the potential property…READ MORE


We provide the groundwork for our clients wanting to make a property purchase in Italy. We act as purchaser for you, reducing the need to make several trips to Italy. Find out more about this service HERE.


Our comprehensive consultancy service includes consultancy and management of all phases related to the purchase of a property in Italy. Your presence in Italy is not required…READ MORE HERE


We aim to ensure that our clients’ investments are managed accordingly. Our goal is to beat the market, and in order to do so Italian Real Estate Lawyers will ensure diversification and produce adequate risk-adjusted returns…READ MORE


Our firm was created on the premise of assisting non-Italian families and businesses with all the aspects and intricacies of the process of purchasing real estate in Italy.

We offer a wide range of services: from real estate planning, due diligence and negotiation of the purchase price, in coordination with the seller and public notary and tax counselling.

That’s why our team includes a large variety of multilingual professionals, from Italian attorneys to real estate experts and consultants who combine knowledge of the local Italian real estate market with a global vision, which is what enables us to assist clients from all over the world.

Our goal is to help our clients make the most informed decisions when researching the best places to live or to invest their money in Italy. Once we have identified the right property for our clients we are able to manage the whole purchasing process.

We value transparency and efficiency and believe in providing efficient solutions rapidly. Our commitment is to keep our service fees as low as possible: by providing ‘flat fees’ for all of our services we want to make sure that our clients know how much money exactly our services will cost them.

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When purchasing a property in a foreign country, it is very important to have a…

When people decide to buy their first home, they usually decide to purchase from individuals…

Due to its affordable housing prices, efficient health care system, high quality education, mild climate…

Natalia Bertelli
If you need help to buy a property in Italy, do not look elsewhere. Marco and Fabrizio will ensure your peace of mind while helping you deal with all things related to your new real estate in Italy – from price negotiation, to legal services, to setting up any utilities required. With perfect communication in English, which will avoid any misunderstanding.
Antonio Musillami
As a practicing attorney, I have rather high expectations when I retain another law firm to represent me.. and I was consistently impressed by the service, attention to detail, and availability that I experienced while being represented by this firm. They do outstanding work, and their attorneys and support staff are a pleasure to work with – I recommend their services very highly and without reservation!
Kerri Smart

Our dream to purchase a home in Italy became a wonderful reality, even during a pandemic! Thanks to the assistance of Attorney Marco Permunian and his fabulous Assistant Linda. The process (from signing our contract, to the offer and inspections and finally the deed) was all an extremely smooth affair.

To know they were an email away whenever we had questions or concerns was extremely reassuring. Excellent communication throughout the entire process. We highly recommend the Italian Real Estate Lawyers for anyone considering purchasing a home in Italy. You will be in excellent and capable hands!

Thanks again, The Smart family – Florida, USA.

From Google Reviews

Tomika B.

Marco, Giulia and Fabrizio have made our homeownership in Italy a wonderful reality! They are extremely dedicated professionals who have expertly guided us through every step of this complicated process. Their degree of communication was outstanding, never hesitating to answer in detail every question we had as first time buyers of property overseas. And, finally, they are so courteous and so friendly! For all of these reasons we would gladly recommend their services to anyone who shares the same dream as ours.

From Google Reviews

Joseph Talbet

I worked with Italian Real Estate Lawyers to close two properties in Italy; Lake Como and Tuscany. They are extremely professional and go above and beyond to accommodate their clients. Although we had to deal with many hiccups along the ways due to bureaucracy and me closing from overseas, they handled every situation in a very professional manner.

I personally thank Guilia and Francesca for their great communication and professionalism.

I would absolutely go back to Mr. Marco for future collaboration. I give their agency 5-stars, which I strongly believe they deserve even more.

Thank you, you have earned another satisfied customer

From Google Reviews

Maria Zaccaro

I couldn’t be more pleased with the services I have received. The entire staff was knowledgeable, patient and helpful beyond my expectations. They made me feel like my desire to find a home in Italy was a top priority and in a very short time my lovely flat was ready and waiting for me!

I highly recommend their services especially if you are new to navigating the ins and outs of securing a property in Italy.

From Google Reviews

Joe Sabia

Marco was fantastic in assisting me with my needs. Diligent, responsive, and very quick to help with every question I had. Cannot recommend his services any more.

From Google Reviews

Joe DeLuca

I could not be happier with Marco and Fabrizio’s work. They handled every detail of my apartment rental from negotiating a good price, to arranging internet service, and they did it all promptly, and professionally. I would have been lost without them.

From Google Reviews

Alyssa Civitello

Navigating the Italian real estate purchasing process can be very intimidating, but Marco & Fabrizio were there to help me through each and every step. I couldn’t have done it without their help and I’m so glad that I had them on my side.

From Google Reviews


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We provide our potential clients with a preliminary free phone or Skype consultation with an Italian expert in real estate, who is fluent in English, and which is designed to answer all of your questions in a clear and concise manner. You can set up a free consultation using the form below.
We will reply within 24 hours (business days).