egal Real Estate Expertise Combined With International Experience

Our legal team is comprised of experienced lawyers who complement each other’s skills and experience, and who ultimately provide our clients with in-depth knowledge of the residential and commercial real estate industry when purchasing Italian property. We are particularly adept at conducting real estate transactions that have a cross-border component.

Our team is fluent in Italian, English, Russian and Spanish and our offices are located in both California and central Italy, allowing our services to be available across all time zones and to assist our clients with legal matters in markets that are unfamiliar to them.

reliminary Consultation
We provide a preliminary consultation with an expert in Italian real estate law who is fluent in English or in our other languages. The consultation is designed to answer any initial questions or concerns that you have and to understand which type of service you need in order to achieve your end goal.

our Privacy and Care Are Our Priorities
Our clients’s privacy is of upmost importance when conducting international transactions. Therefore, from the moment they contact us we commit ourselves to the highest level of care and consideration. Furthermore, we ensure that we fully understand the legal system in our clients’ country of origin in order to act on our clients’ behalf to the best of our abilities.

Meet Our Team

Fabrizio Permunian


Fabrizio is a businessman and a dynamic leader who lives in Italy. Fabrizio is an expert in the Italian real estate market and business success and is a frequent guest speaker on talk shows. He also features in dozens of newspaper and magazine articles about real estate in Italy.

Marco Permunian


Marco received his law degree from the University of Ferrara, Italy. He focuses on all facets of Italian real estate, tax and immigration law. He is fluent in English and Spanish. Prior to joining the company, Marco worked in New York with firms specializing in domestic and cross-border real estate transactions, commercial, intellectual property, immigration and entertainment law matters. He has also worked for one of the main realtors in New York City.

Andrea Permunian


Andrea is an Italian lawyer who has embraced the challenge of cross-border litigation and transactions throughout his career. He has been admitted to the Italian bar and he practices before Italian courts. Andrea graduated from the University of Ferrara, Italy, and he specializes in real estate law, corporate law, family law and international cross-border real estate transactions. Andrea is fluent in English.

Linda Balboni


Linda graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature from the University of Ferrara in 2016. She then obtained a master’s degree in Foreign Languages, with a specialization in Legal Translation in 2018.

After graduating, Linda became interested in the real estate sector and she took a number of highly specialized courses in business administration, digital marketing, human resources, neuro linguistic programming, problem solving, taxation and property valuation and management, and design. The skills she gained allowed her to work in one of the most prestigious international real estate firms in Italy and to participate in a number of conferences and workshops in various countries.

In 2019 Linda worked in a luxury real estate firm in Italy as a sales director for the region of Veneto.

She has been working with Fabrizio Permunian, Managing Director of Italian Real Estate Lawyers, since 2020. Her role is to assist clients throughout the entire purchasing process and to provide both legal and technical support.

Linda is fluent in English and Spanish.

Benedetta Busi


Benedetta obtained her Master’s degree in Law at the University of Bologna (Italy) in 2019.

Before working at Italian Real Estate Lawyers, Benedetta collaborated with several law firms in Bologna and dealt with civil law, debt recovery, litigations and international contracts.

As an advisor in real estate law, Benedetta assists clients throughout the entire process of buying, selling and/or renting real estate. Thanks to her knowledge of the Italian Real Estate Law, she provides legal advice, deals with communications and handles any disputes which may arise during every step of the buying and selling process.

In addition, during her fourth academic year, Benedetta was selected to participate in the Erasmus Plus Program. Thanks to this experience, she had the chance to spend an academic year at the University of Canterbury (United Kingdom) where she successfully completed numerous courses in International Law.

In her free time, Benedetta enjoys reading, walking in nature and travelling.

Benedetta is fluent in Italian and English.

Emma Piva


Emma Piva obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Languages, Civilizations and Language Sciences at Ca’ Foscari-University of Venice in 2019. She then continued her studies at the same university where she obtained a Master’s degree in Comparative International Relations in 2021 and where she broadened her knowledge in management by attending a specialization course in Global Marketing and Communication.

During her studies, Emma had the chance to participate in several cultural exchanges and language internships in France, Germany, Belgium and Turkey.

Previous work experiences in the tourism field and as an event organizer allowed her to develop specific skills to meet Italian and foreign customers’ needs and to comply with their requests.

As part of the team of Italian Real Estate Lawyers, Emma provides assistance as well as technical and legal support to clients who are interested in buying, selling or renting properties in Italy. She also deals with communications between the client and third-party professionals who are involved in the process.

She speaks Italian, English, Spanish and French fluently.

Claudia Kullolli


Claudia graduated from the University of Ferrara in 2020 where she majored in Modern Languages and Literature. During her studies, Claudia successfully completed a professional training course in Foreign Trade and took an intensive Spanish language course at the University of Málaga.

Thanks to her previous work experience in Italy and abroad in both the commercial and the tourism fields Claudia has developed solid skills in managing and meeting clients’ needs.

Her role at Italian Real Estate Lawyers is to assist clients in every step of the buying and selling process and to provide both legal and technical support.

Claudia is goal-oriented and a natural problem solver. Claudia is fluent in Italian, English, Spanish, Albanian and French.

Georgiana Burdea


Georgiana graduated in Digital Marketing. She has a solid background in sales, IT and customer care for both national and international clients and is an expert in Post-Sales Consulting.

Her role at Italian Real Estate Lawyers is to facilitate the process after the sale or rental of a property by liaising between professionals and local authorities. Georgiana provides a wide range of services concerning utilities, taxes, renovation works, opening bank accounts and insurance, to name a few. She is a precise and goal-oriented professional who is passionate about providing the best service possible to her clients.

She speaks Italian, English and Romanian fluently.

Elena Benetti


In 2018, Elena obtained a degree in Translation at the University “Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici” in Padua. She then obtained a Master’s Degree at the University of Pescara in 2021, where she specialized in legal, medical, technical and web translation. During her studies, she attended various seminars in the fields of translation and interpreting.

She has been working for Italian Real Estate Lawyers since 2021. Her role is to assist clients throughout the entire purchasing process and thanks to her solid skills, she manages all communications between the clients and the various Italian professionals who are involved in the purchase process in Italy. Elena has excellent problem solving skills and she efficiently meets and satisfies all clients’ needs.

Elena is fluent in Italian, English and German.

Anita Cagnazzo


Anita graduated in International Relations with Spanish from the University of Birmingham, UK. During her undergraduate degree she also studied in China, Spain and the United States. After working for the Italian Honorary Consulate in Liverpool, UK, she worked for a marketing firm in England and for the British Council in Spain. She completed a MSc at Leiden University in 2019 in Political Science.

Alice Scaroni


Alice graduated in Business and Foreign Languages from the University of Ca’ Foscari in Venice, in 2012. She recently obtained her Master’s degree at the University of International Studies in Rome. An experienced real estate consultant, Alice collects and analyzes housing and economic data, conducts on-site inspections and contributes to the creation of custom reports for our clients. Alice manages relations with all of our clients in the U.S. and South America, prepares reports and schedules meetings and appointments. Alice is fluent in English and Spanish.

Lisa Benetti


Lisa graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature from the University of Ca’ Foscari, in Venice, in 2014. She obtained her Master’s degree in American Literature, History and Politics. Lisa’s role in IREL is to provide assistance to our European clients throughout the whole purchasing process; she drafts detailed reports and schedules meetings and appointments. Lisa is fluent in English and French.

Martina Ottoboni


Martina graduated in Comparative International Relations in Venice, where she graduated in 2018. During her Master’s Degree, Martina was selected for an internship at the United Nations office in Geneva, Switzerland. She specialized in International law, politics and economics.  She actively supports the team by carrying out research and analyzing data. Martina is very client-focused and result-oriented. Martina is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Russian.

Raffaella Zerbinato


Raffaella is a highly experienced executive assistant having worked for many years in Italian Real Estate. She is highly dedicated and works tirelessly to meet our clients’ needs. Raffaella speaks English and French.

Claudia Berto


Claudia graduated in Foreign Languages from the University of Padua, Italy, in 2014. Claudia manages all our US and Canada relationships, prepares reports, organizes and schedules meetings and appointments, and also deals with market research, competitive analyses and strategy consulting. Claudia is fluent in English and Russian.