Ferrara might not be the first city that comes to mind when you think about buying a house in Italy, but you should give it a thought. Ferrara is a pretty city in Emilia-Romagna, in northern Italy. Ferrara lies between Bologna and Venice, it is often overlooked, yet it is one of the most beautiful medieval towns of the country.

Why should you buy a house here? There are a lot of reasons! Let’s discover them together.


Ferrara is a city of art. The Este family turned Ferrara into one of the most important Italian Renaissance city-states, and a real European capital of culture. During its golden age, Ferrara was a lively cultural hub which hosted some of the most influential artists and writers of the time. In 1995 the city became a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to its Middle Age and Renaissance art; indeed, you will be able to wander in an open-air museum while getting lost in romantic cobblestone medieval streets or admiring the breathtaking Renaissance boulevards.

Der Este Castle is a medieval castle surrounded by a moat and it is undoubtedly the most iconic building of Ferrara. However, it’s not the only landmark in Ferrara, rather, this city is rich in beautiful historic buildings to be discovered at every corner!


Ferrara is a friendly, people-oriented city. Surprisingly enough, despite its charm, Ferrara is not the most popular city in Italy. This can be a real advantage, as the city rarely experiences crowds of tourists and has high livable standards. You will live in a place where everything is nearby and is surrounded by many green areas. It is no coincidence that Ferrara is also called “the city of bicycles”! Everyone here owns a bike and rides everywhere.


Ferrara’s nine kilometers fortification walls are one of the most inviting places to go for walks or to cycle. The walls were built between the 15th and 16th centuries and, besides being a perfect spot to relax, they are also among the best-preserved fortification walls in Italy.

A lot of interesting events take place here. Just to name a few: the Palio of Ferrara, which is a historical re-enactment that commemorates a 1279 Medieval tradition still running today; Ferrara Buskers Festival, the most important international busking festival in Italy; Ferrara Balloons Festival, the most important Hot Air Balloon Festival in Italy and one of the most prestigious in Europe, and many more!



This will come as no surprise: you will find good food here. After all, Italy is famous for its scrumptious cuisine and Ferrara is no exception. Christmas is the best time of the year to discover Ferrara’s delicacies: cappelletti in brodo are pasta filled with meat in chicken broth that you can find on every Christmas table here in Ferrara; it is also worth mentioning their “big brothers”, cappellacci di zucca, slightly bigger pasta filled with pumpkin and parmesan cheese, oozing in butter and sage; the list is endless, salamina da sugo, coppia ferrarese, pampepato… You won’t be disappointed!


Nicht zuletzt, you can easily reach Ferrara by train and airplane. Trains to/from Bologna and Venice run very frequently throughout the day and you can reach every city in Italy from there. Bologna International Marconi Airport is only 60 km away from Ferrara and you can reach it by car, you can also catch a train or use a shuttle service to the airport that takes about 60 minutes.

If you decide to buy a property in Ferrara, you’ll have two main choices: picking a house or apartment in the city center and living in a historic building in the midst of the city life, with everything at hand, or buying a house just outside the city walls – perhaps one that has a big garden and is surrounded by nature, providing you with the calmness you have always desired. Here at Italian Real Estate Lawyers, we are ready to help you find what is best for you and guide you through the process of buying the house of your dreams!

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