My journey to buying an apartment in Italy actually started quite a while ago, as my sister and I were researching getting Italian citizenship for a good 15 years. We hired Unterstützung bei der italienischen Staatsbürgerschaft to help us through the citizenship process two years ago, as we were eligible through our grandparents. A year ago, after researching properties in Italy by myself for a long while, I decided to seek the help of their Italian Real Estate Lawyers sister company for help in purchasing a property, as it is a very complicated process. Between the language barrier and the nine-hour time difference from the Pacific Northwest, it was pretty much impossible to get enough information by emails to continue with the purchasing process myself.

My experience was IREL was fantastic. They take you through the entire process, one step at a time, and have your back every step of the way. There was no lag time whatsoever. If I had a question, the answer was in my inbox by the next day at the latest. They did all the hard legwork: contacting realtors with questions, researching all the various aspects, coordinating the survey and inspection, communicating with the realtor—everything.

All deposits and payments easily went through their company or at their direction with instructions, including a follow-up to confirm reception, so it was very reassuring and comforting. After the purchase, (which took about 2.5 months in total) I signed up for their after-purchase services of hooking up utilities, paying taxes, etc. They did it all; there was no stress whatsoever. It saved me hours of time.

I was looking to purchase either in Puglia or Calabria, as my grandparents were from those areas. I found an apartment in Scalea, Calabria, which checked all the boxes on my bucket list, so IREL helped me through the purchasing process. I had looked at a few houses, but as I am 71 years old, I decided an apartment would be better for my needs at this stage of life, as well as for my kids to use as a pied-à-terre to explore their Italian heritage.

Buying real estate in Italy is a completely different journey from purchasing property in the U.S. and Canada. There are many pieces to the puzzle that North Americans are unfamiliar with, and IREL dealt with all these efficiently and effectively. Any question I had was answered immediately or within 24 hours at the latest. This contrasted strongly to waiting for an Italian realtor to answer questions sometimes days later, or even never. Many listings shown online were not available for sale, so many hours were wasted before IREL came into the picture. Mary Ann and the team were able to give me lists of active properties that fit my specifications. Realtors took me more seriously knowing I had hired an Italian company to help me as my guide through the process, and they were able to deal with them. It made me a serious buyer instead of just an online shopper with email inquiries.

I have bought and sold real estate my entire adult life, probably totaling over 60 properties in 30 years, so I have seen it all. Without IREL I can honestly say I would never have been able to close on one in Italy given the above reasons, so I am VERY grateful to Mary Ann, Alexandra, Marco, Linda, and the rest of the team. They know their business, are polite and courteous, and got me to the finish line. I actually received my keys yesterday in the mail! I can’t recommend Italian Real Estate Lawyers enough.

Now that I have the keys, I plan to go spend time in my new apartment this fall and use it as my European base. It is five blocks from a nice beach on the Tyrrhenian Sea and one block from the train station. Italy will be at my fingertips! Again, I highly recommend their services for anyone wanting to purchase a house in Italy. It will save a lot of time and money, and make it much easier than attempting to do it on one’s own.