A new long-term visa to Italy has finally been unveiled—The Digital Nomad Visa. This long-term visa, detailed in an Italian Law Decree from February 29, 2024, Art. 2, is designed for individuals whose work can be seamlessly conducted from any location, digitally. Like with the Elective Residency Visa, upon arriving into Italian territory, visa holders must promptly apply for an Italian Residence Permit.

Notably, the Digital Nomad Visa, unlike a normal Work Visa, does not require obtaining a work permit authorization (nulla osta) for entry, whether in a self-employed or professional capacity, or as a remote worker.

However, to qualify for the digital nomad visa, certain criteria must be met:

– Annual Income: at least €25,000

– Proof of accommodation: Via property ownership or long-term lease/rental agreement.

– Private health insurance coverage

– A minimum of 6 months’ experience as a digital nomad or remote worker in a non-Italian company

Applying for the digital nomad visa then entails the presentation of relevant documents to your local Italian consulate. Required documentation includes a signed employer declaration letter, identification copy, and self-certification of no criminal convictions within the last 5 years. Furthermore, those applying must fall into specific categories of highly skilled workers. Consular offices will conduct necessary checks in collaboration with relevant authorities to verify provided information.

Upon entry into Italy with the Digital Nomad Visa the next necessary step is to apply for a Residency Permit at the questura, as well as to request the attribution of a VAT tax number to report earnings and taxes with the Italian Agenzia delle Entrate.

From application preparation and submission with your local Italian Consulate, to securing permanent lodging either through long term rent or to residency acquisition upon arrival, as well as the residency permit application, Italian Real Estate Lawyers looks forward to assisting you!

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