This long-stay visa option is tailored for those intending to permanently relocate to Italy who have the means to support themselves without being employed in Italy. In fact, you must demonstrate income that stems from savings, investments, or pensions, rather than active employment. The Elective Residency Visa is actually often referred to as the “retirement visa” due to its popularity among retirees. Upon securing the Elective Residency Visa and arriving into Italian territory, visa holders must promptly apply for an Italian Residence Permit.

Requirements for the Italy Elective Residency Visa include demonstrating:

– Financial stability: At least €31,000 per year. Must derive from passive income.

– Proof of accommodation: Via property ownership or long-term lease/rental agreement.

– Private health insurance coverage

– Valid passport with two blank visa pages.

– Completed Long-Stay Visa Application Form.

– Relevant civil status documents, such as birth or marriage certificates.

At IREL, we assist clients in navigating the ERV process, aiding in document preparation which they will present to their local Italian consulate in their home country, and guiding them through property acquisition or rental lease stipulation to meet accommodation and residency requirements.

It’s important to note that opting for fixed accommodation through a rental property necessitates a lease contract of at least a one-year duration, registered with the Italian Tax Revenue Agency. Short-term rentals like Airbnb accommodations are not accepted in this case. Conversely, choosing to purchase a property before initiating the Visa application process merely requires documentation attesting to official ownership, the preferred route for most clients who prioritize property acquisition before addressing the visa process.

The digital nomad visa is valid for one year. The elective residency permit can be renewed from within Italy.

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