Buying land for building purposes can be a great idea if you want to build your own dream house but before you do so you have to be well informed in order to avoid incurring into serious risks. In this article we will discuss the basic steps involved in the process, and provide you with a few pieces of advice.

Building plot: a building plot is a piece of land on which a house can be built. You can build up to a cubic meter and a half per square meter of land on these plots. Building plots are much more expensive compared to other types of plots because of the amount of building opportunities offered by them. There are some technical aspects to take into account before you buy a building plot. First of all, you should gather as much information as possible about the land’s hydrological structure:


  1. The building plots must be connected to gas, electricity, water and to a sewerage network. The lack of such connections will have a considerable impact on the land’s value.
  2. The plots of land should have access to roads; indeed, the construction of roads that can be accessed to reach the plot are rather costly, and this factor must be carefully considered before the purchase.
  3. Another aspect to take into consideration is pollution: you need to be aware of the possible presence of sources of pollution such as incinerators, electromagnetic control units, factories or industries with high harmful emission rates.
  4. In addition, checking the cadastral map is highly recommended.

Where to build: once you have checked these essential requirements you just have to start planning the house itself. It should be noted that it is not possible to build on any building plot: the possibility of building a house depends on the parameters (these parameters determine how and how much you can build and the related regulations) of the municipality where the plot is located. This is the reason why you must submit a construction project to the municipality where you are going to build your house prior to carrying out any construction works.  This is a very important step in order to avoid building illegally which in Italian is defined as abuso edilizio. Building a house illegally also includes adding any other construction units which have not been approved; in other words, it is not possible to make changes to the project without the municipality’s approval.

Agricultural plot: not everyone is aware of this but there are different types of agricultural land, each of which has its own characteristics. In fact, each plant adapts and grows better on a certain type of land rather than another and the agricultural land classification is related to the land’s chemical composition. In order to able to make a precise classification it is advisable to contact a building expert.


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