The company’s foundation, its offices and professionals

Italian Real Estate Lawyers (IREL) was founded shortly after its sister company Italian Citizenship Assistance (ICA). As a matter of fact, many clients who obtained dual citizenship often expressed the desire to truly enjoy the possibility they had to stay in Italy without time constraints by purchasing a property in the country. Over the years IREL has helped many foreign citizens (regardless of whether they held an Italian residency visa) to overcome the challenges they faced when purchasing a property, ranging from unresponsive real estate agents to legal concerns stemming from unfamiliarity with the market’s intricacies.

ICA co-founder, Fabrizio Permunian, drawing on extensive experience in real estate spanning decades, realized that these impediments could be surmounted with the right guidance. Driven by the aim of providing optimal assistance, he embarked on aiding trusted clients in acquiring their dream homes. This involved having conversations with real estate agencies, negotiating prices, and offering advice on prudent purchases. A pivotal realization was that the entire process could be seamlessly managed from a distance. Typically, property viewings and notarial transactions were coordinated around the client’s commitments based on travel schedules, resulting in delays. By incorporating video tours and executing contracts via Power of Attorney, these hindrances were effectively mitigated. Fabrizio’s inaugural transaction on behalf of a foreign client enabled her to secure her dream property in Monteverde, Rome.

From these initial experiences, a quick survey among IREL’s clients revealed that most were interested in the opportunity to buy a property in Italy with comprehensive legal safeguarding, unwavering communication, remote support, and translation services. This revelation led to the birth of Italian Real Estate Lawyers, helmed by its CEO and founder, Fabrizio Permunian.

In a short time, the demand for IREL’s services surged, prompting the team’s expansion. Linda Balboni joined as Fabrizio’s indispensable right-hand, leveraging her prior real estate consultancy experience. The Italian Real Estate Lawyers team has since evolved into a versatile and adaptable unit, boasting a robust network of trusted notaries, surveyors and agencies. The firm stands as a prominent entity aiding U.S. and other foreign citizens in acquiring Italian properties. Operating from its headquarters in Rovigo, Italy, the team orchestrates deals spanning the entire Italian territory.

The team

IREL takes pride in its team’s diverse skill sets and specialized expertise. While a comprehensive understanding of the Italian real estate domain unites the members, their individual proficiencies synergize to offer optimal client support. Comprising attorney Marco Permunian, associate attorneys, real estate consultants, translators, and legal assistants, IREL’s team boasts linguistic fluency in both English and Italian. Many members have spent time abroad during their educational pursuits or previous employments, equipping them with multilingual capabilities.

Despite being based in Rovigo, Italy, where they work under the supervision and guidance of Marco and Fabrizio Permunian, one of IREL’s strength lies in their ability to operate throughout the entire Italian territory. Thanks to their experience in the field and to the large number of previous purchases that they have been able to complete, they rely on a strong network of trusted professionals, allowing them to expedite the fulfillment of client needs.

A-Z assistance

Prospective buyers can seek assistance irrespective of their current purchase stage. Whether they are at the property identification phase or have just tendered an offer on their dream home, IREL’s adept team evaluates their scenario, assigning the client to the most suitable case worker. The evaluation commences with an exploratory discussion led by the intake team, elucidating the client’s current circumstances and aspirations for the property investment. Typically conducted via email by Linda Balboni, IREL’s client-relations manager, this phase concludes within a few days. If further discussion is warranted, clients can opt for a Zoom or phone consultation with one of the team’s specialists.

Once a strategy is developed and the client decides to proceed with IREL’s services, the assigned case specialist will officially begin the collaboration with them. Although the services can vary depending on the client’s needs, IREL’s most popular package offers A-Z, all-around assistance: if the property has not been identified yet, a real estate search will be made (at no additional cost) in order to identify a few suitable options. Then, if the client is available to visit the properties in person, a viewing itinerary is organized and all the relevant information is translated into English. Being a law firm, as opposed to a real estate agency, gives IREL and their clients a significant advantage during this stage: as their compensation does not derive from a commission fee based on the property’s price (contrarily to real estate agents), they are able to organize tours with unlimited agents and schedule viewings for any property on the market.

Nevertheless, the bulk of the company’s work takes place once a suitable property is identified and a formal offer must be written: in fact, the formal offer states the terms of the transaction and can be modified to protect both the seller and the buyer. To best safeguard the buyer’s interests, IREL always carefully reviews and modifies, where necessary, the formal offer in order to insert all the clauses necessary for their protection: for instance, should a surveyor identify a structural defect in the house, the buyer will be entitled to getting the deposit back.

IREL walks the client through property research and identification, through to a formal offer, all the way up to the drafting and signing of the final deed of sale. In all phases, any contracts are made available in English translations, and if the client is unavailable to sign in person for the final deed, the POA is drafted. IREL works side by side with the client from beginning inquiries until they have the keys to their dream home in hand.

Property tours

For clients deeply involved in property research, IREL offers a VIP Property tour package. Collaboratively, a selection of 10-15 properties is chosen in the preferred area for personal visits. This immersive venture enables firsthand exploration and evaluation of each property, accompanied by local excursions, meals, and an exclusive Real Estate Info Session led by experts. A day of immersive learning at their new office, situated in a 16th-century Veneto villa outside Verona, awaits. Lead attorney Marco Permunian imparts personalized guidance, covering every facet of the purchase process, real estate dynamics, mortgages, visas, and even Italian citizenship. This exclusive one-on-one session guarantees exhaustive clarification of all inquiries.

Post-sale services

The support offered by Italian Real Estate Lawyers extends beyond the culmination of a property purchase. Acquiring a home does not automatically render it ready-to-move-in, so to eliminate obstacles, IREL’s post-sale offerings ensure purchased properties are fully prepared. They assist in utilities setup, bank account establishment, and locating local cleaning services, among other tasks. Additionally, IREL addresses post-sale relocations, particularly for clients transitioning to full-time residency in Italy, including those shipping furniture, vehicles, and pets. The dedicated post-sale team gathers relocation service estimates and coordinates the shipment process.

If you are thinking of purchasing your dream house in Italy and you would like further information, do not hesitate to contact for a free consultation!

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