If you have purchased your dream home in Italy you may find yourself uncertain about the post-sales responsibilities that follow the successful transaction. Managing essential utilities, comprehending local tax obligations, and handling administrative tasks can appear daunting, especially for non-Italian speakers. Fortunately, there are practical solutions available to simplify this process and ensure a seamless transition into your new Italian abode. Let’s explore the most crucial post-sale responsibilities, including setting up utilities and paying taxes, as well as the services offered by Italian Real Estate Lawyers to ease these processes.

Setting Up Utilities

Once you have signed the final deed of purchase and have become the owner of your new property, one of your initial tasks is usually to set up utilities for electricity, heating and water or to transfer the accounts into your name. The process of transferring utilities to your name is made easier when it is possible to gather previous utility bills from the former property owners. Liaising with various service providers for electricity, water, and heating can be complex. In fact, it is important to note that each utility company may have distinct procedures and requirements. Additionally, you may wish to explore options such as renewable energy sources or energy-efficient upgrades for your property. However, navigating these choices, especially in remote locations, can be challenging. In these cases, the expertise of professionals like Italian Real Estate Lawyers can come in hand.

Understanding the Required Taxes

Property ownership in Italy carries two annual tax obligations: IMU (Imposta Municipale Unica) and TARI (Tassa sui Rifiuti). These taxes are determined by the specific municipality in which your property is located. IMU is a municipal tax calculated based on your property’s characteristics and the municipality’s criteria. Importantly, IMU is applicable only to non-primary residences. If you have purchased a home in Italy and plan to reside there permanently, IMU will not be levied. However, if your property serves as a vacation home, you will be liable for IMU. On the other hand, TARI is a waste collection tax that varies depending on the town, city, or village of your residence, taking into account the number of occupants in your property. Generally, more residents lead to higher waste collection taxes.

 IREL’s Various Available Packages

Recognizing the potential challenges that can arise following a property purchase, Italian Real Estate Lawyers offers a range of comprehensive packages designed to assist property buyers in a seamless transition. These packages are competitively priced and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. All our post-sales services are managed meticulously by a team of highly qualified professionals, ensuring the efficient handling of customer requests and documentation while maintaining a professional and straightforward approach.

Basic: Our basic package focuses on utilities. When it comes to utilities (electricity, gas, and water), our team proactively engages with suppliers, streamlining the entire process and ensuring a smooth transition, including the “voltura” (change of contract holder) or supply activation. We will assist you in identifying the most suitable options for your home and efficiently establish the necessary accounts with the relevant service providers.

Advanced: Our advanced package extends its coverage to utilities and property taxes. Specifically, IMU and TARI taxes are expertly managed on behalf of the client, starting from the day of the property deed and continuing until the end of the respective tax year. IMU taxes are calculated based on the property’s purchase date, and our team ensures clients are well-informed about applicable deadlines and payment methods.

All-Inclusive: For the most comprehensive solution, we recommend our all-inclusive package. In addition to utilities and tax assistance, this package offers a wide array of services designed to facilitate a seamless transition into your new Italian home. Choose from three of the solutions offered, ranging from assisting you in obtaining a home insurance policy to guiding you through the process of opening a non-resident Italian bank account. Our comprehensive offering ensures that every aspect of your property management is meticulously handled, whether you have plans for home improvements, renovations, or you’re bringing pets from abroad, our team is ready to assist. Moreover, this package can be individually tailored to your unique requirements, providing you with a single point of contact for all your property-related needs. While the actual costs of services provided by professionals or companies will be your responsibility, the peace of mind and convenience our all-inclusive package affords make it the ultimate choice for a worry-free property ownership experience in Italy.

With the dedicated support of our professionals at Italian Real Estate Lawyers, you can fully immerse yourself in enjoying your new property while leaving administrative hassles behind. Your dream of owning a piece of Italy can now become a reality without the typical headaches associated with new home ownership tasks. Allow us to guide you through the post-sale process, ensuring a swift settlement so you can fully embrace the dolce vita lifestyle you envisioned.

For questions about post sale responsibilities or to reach out to us for our services, please contact us at info@italianrealestatelawyers.com

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