Have you ever dreamt of building your ideal home? Perhaps you cannot find what you are looking for on the market or you want to build a house which is designed specifically for you. Indeed, creating a house is much more than merely building a kitchen, a bathroom and a couple of bedrooms, and this is the reason why it is important to do some research in order to have an idea of what the end result should be and how much it will all cost. This brief article will address this points in order to provide you with a basic understanding of the process of building your own house. 



Before we outline the basic steps involved in the process, we would like to list the different types of houses that you might find on the market:

  1. Spec homes (speculative home): in this case the builder designs and builds a single-family home in order to sell it once it is finished. You may be able to choose some finishing touches like flooring, kitchen appliances and paint color.
  2. Tract home: a tract home is the result of a specific type of house development in which multiple and similar houses are built on a tract area of land which is eventually divided into individual small plots. Similarly to spec homes, if you decide to purchase a tract home you may be able to make a few choices regarding flooring and home appliances.
  3. Fully custom homes:  in this case you can choose a plot of land and hire a builder to carry out all of the construction works. This means that you have total control over the plan, layout and finishing touches. Nevertheless, you should always be cautious and monitor your expenses so as to avoid wasting the money you previously invested.

Indeed, investing in real estate can be beneficial but also risky, therefore you need to plan construction works and manage costs. Construction loans are available but there are also traditional mortgages you can apply for.

If you already own a plot of land and you would like to build a house you need to ensure that the plot of land is suitable for building purposes. On the other hand, if you need help  searching for a plot, a specialized real estate law firm like ourselves can help you identify the most suitable plot of land for sale in your preferred area. Our lawyers and professionals will support you throughout the entire process and they will assist you with juggling building codes, zoning laws (including obtaining permits) and building regulations. Among other professionals whose help you will probably need are an architect and an interior designer. They will help you with measurements, house layout, functionality, furniture and finishing touches. In addition to these key professionals you might also need a land clearing company, a surveyor, a structural engineer, an inspector, and plumbers and electricians.

When the structural and technical aspects have been addressed you will then be able to think about the most creative side of the project: the floor covering, the color of the walls, the furniture, home appliances, shutters and outdoor details such as having a garden and perhaps a swimming pool. Please bear in mind that building a house can take months and it might even take years to complete, however, you will never be alone as we will support you.

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