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5 Reasons to Buy a House in Italy

Have you ever thought about buying a house in Italy?
You’d be lying if you say you never thought about spending a relaxing summer between the hills of Tuscany, or an eventful week in the busy streets of Milan, or even maybe a happy retirement in the Eternal City of Rome. So the crucial question should be “What is stopping you from jumping on the first plane and purchasing your Italian villa?”, if the warm and sunny weather and the delicious cuisine are not enough to make up your mind, here are 5 more reasons to buy a house in our lovely Country

Rome Leads European Residential Property Rebound in Q1

According to a new report by, Rome is leading the rebound in demand for European property in Q1, 2015. Their latest Hotspots Index shows that the Italian capital was the most searched-for location in the world in Q1 2015, as overseas buyers flock to the continent.

The process - tips

The first step is to research the process. You have made a good start: you are reading this article, so let’s not waste any time and get down to business.
As we said, you need to conduct your research on the process of buying a home in Italy. A big help would be the internet. Today, in the times of the World Wide Web, you find information on any aspect of the buying process by few simple clicks of your mouse.
Any good search engine can provide you with various links to the subject. As you read on and educate yourself, you will realize that there are many differences, both in the terms and about financing options. It would be prudent to hire a realtor and get some legal help as you begin the buying process. I also suggest you check with your accountant in the US for tax implication, as you may be entitled to some deductions. If you decide to hire a legal representative, make sure they have experience in undertaking such type of international transactions.