Besides being Italy’s largest lake, Lake Garda is one of most well-known tourist attractions for its charming beauty seduces at first sight. The Lake is surrounded by small villages and it is spread through three regions: Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. There are several ways of getting to Lake Garda although the easiest and most comfortable way of travelling is by car. Nevertheless, you also can catch the train from Milano Centrale or Verona, for instance, to Desenzano del Garda, a picturesque and lively town which attracts families as well as young people. There are also other hidden gems that are worth visiting such as Sirmione, Salò, Riva del Garda, Peschiera, Limone sul Garda, Lazise and Bardolino, which we will describe in greater detail in the following sections.

What can you do around Lake Garda?

 As previously mentioned, Lake Garda attracts a great variety of people. Families can enjoy a number of activities around the Lake which will amuse both adults and children. If you are interested in discovering wildlife, Parco NaturaViva is a zoological park located in Bussolengo, a few kilometers away from Lazise which is home to many wild species. On the other hand, if you are looking to experience an adrenaline rush, the most famous amusement parks in Italy, namely Gardaland, Caneva World Acquapark and Movieland, are located on the southern shore of Lake Garda. Children can also enjoy themselves at Flying Frogs Adventure Park in Campione, which is on the northern shore of the Lake. Here you can climb the trails, walk through tunnel nets and cross suspended bridges.

Lake Garda is also an exciting destination for young people who particularly enjoy outdoor activities. Torbole, Riva del Garda, Limone sul Garda and Lazise are ideal locations for water sports such as windsurf, surf and kitesurf, canyoning and wakeboard. There is also a panoramic cableway that will carry you from Malcesine to Monte Baldo, where you can do paragliding. As for the nightlife in this area, Bardolino and Desenzano del Garda are the liveliest centers both in summer and in winter as there are very popular pubs and discos which are located on the lake’s shore. Finally, for those who wish to spend a relaxing and quiet weekend, Acquaria Thermal SPA and Virgilio Thermal Centre in Sirmione offer wellness treatments and you can also swim in thermal waters which have therapeutic properties.

Hidden gems of Lake Garda

Some of the most scenic places around Lake Garda include Riva del Garda, which is situated on the Northern shore of Lake Garda. The town has great restaurants and is an ideal place for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain and road biking, kite surfing and sailing, just to name a few. Malcesine is also a very charming and scenic town. In particular, the town is famous for its Castello Scaligero which is perched lakefront.
Another picturesque town is Gargnano which is famous for its luxurious buildings such as Villa Feltrinelli. Finally, Sirmione is a beautiful town on the south shore of Lake Garda.
The town is completely surrounded by water and this creates an idyllic place to spend a quiet and relaxing afternoon, walk through the narrow and quaint streets and visit the town’s castle. If you would like to do something different you can take a boat tour around the town, which will give you the best perspective of the beauty and character of this small gem. Just nearby is also Verona which is definitely worth a visit from Lake Garda.

Real estate on Lake Garda

If you are wondering about the average price for a property around the Lake, it strongly depends on the type of property you are looking for. The most sought-after properties by national and international buyers are lake-front villas or big-sized villas that have been recently renovated. In fact, a scenic landscape is usually the main requirement for those who wish to buy a house on Lake Garda. However, the property’s location raises the property’s value by 20-30%. Therefore, the average cost for new properties in very scenic locations ranges from 5000 €/sqm to 7000 €/sqm. The purchasing process to buy a villa is usually around 10-12 months. On the other hand, if you are looking for a small apartment in good conditions the price range is 3000-5000 €/sqm. It is worth pointing out that real estate market in the area of Lake Garda provides good investment opportunities because the Lake attracts thousands of tourists every year, especially during the summer. In particular, we recommend searching for properties in Desenzano, Bardolino, Sirmione, and Lazise, which are among the most beautiful cities but might be slightly more expensive than Manerba, Moniga, Peschiera, and Padenghe.

If you are looking for further information about the best spots to buy a property near the Lake, feel free to contact us at for a free consultation. We will be happy to help you find the property of your dreams.


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