Part One: Tuscany

Capalbio (Grosseto)

Capalbio is a small village which is known as The Little Athens. It is located on the coast in the province of Grosseto, Tuscany. Capalbio is the southernmost village in Tuscany, and it is completely surrounded by nature. The great walls protect the compact centre of this small village, as they have done since the Middle ages.

Capalbio is famous for the so called Giardino dei Tarocchi, which is a permanent exhibit consisting of 22 statues inspired by the tarot cards.

Volterra (Pisa)

Volterra is a small village in the province of Pisa which is famous for its Etruscan origins, and has lately become known for featuring in the young-adult saga Twilight. The village, however, is much more than the hometown of Meyer’s fictional vampire family. In fact, Volterra has a unique Medieval character with its 13th century walls, stone and alabaster, towers and artisan shops.

Volterra’s Porta all’Arco features decorations from the 5th century, and its main square hosts the oldest Town Hall in Tuscany.

Porto Ercole (Grosseto)

The harbor town of Porto Ercole, which is located on the breath-taking promontory of the Mount Argentario, is the perfect place for a seaside holiday, as it combines the beauty of the Tyrrhenian Sea and its beaches with the distinctiveness of a typical Italian village.

The town is guarded by two forts: Forte Filippo and the Tower of Mulinaccio from the 16th and 18th century respectively. Porto Ercole is also known as the place of death of the famous Italian painter Caravaggio who drew his last breath there in 1610.

Part Two: Piedmont

Garessio (Cuneo)

The name ‘Garessio’ comes from guarriguo, meaning ‘oak-covered field’. In fact, Garessio and its surrounding plain used to be abundantly populated by oak trees.

Garessio is located in the north-western region of Piedmont, in the province of Cuneo, and it is known for its rustic yet beautiful wilderness and its warm tones which are present in the bricks that can be seen all around the village.

Roughly 40 km from the Ligurian Sea, Garessio is built on several levels; it’s characterized by many slopes, caverns and meadows.

Mombaldone (Asti)

Mombaldone is a small village characterized by one main street which branches off in smaller alleys and squares.

Surrounded by ravines and rocks, Mombaldone resembles a welcome oasis in the midst of a desert – it is colorful and lively.


Ricetto di Candelo (Biella)

Among the many villages in Piedmont, Ricetto di Candelo has preserved its unique characteristics. Its name indicates a haven – a place of safety and peace where its people are protected. Candelo thrived because of its simplicity – wine and agricultural products were and still are its strength. 



If you’re eager to learn more about the most beautiful villages in Italy look out for our next article!



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