Have you ever dreamt of having a house in Italy? In Tuscany for example, which offers the best combination of history, art and beautiful countryside landscapes. Or in Venice, where you can plunge into the typical Venetian streets and admire the city’s majestic architecture.

What about Lake Garda, Lake Iseo or Lake Maggiore, where you can enjoy wonderful and breathtaking panoramas? You may also have imagined having a house in Puglia, Sicily or Sardinia where the water of the sea is crystal-clear and the climate is warm for most of the year.

Well, if the idea of a property in Italy has ever crossed your mind, this article will provide you with the reasons why you should invest in buying real estate in the so called “Bel Paese”.


Italian people usually call their country “Bel Paese” because of its climate, its amazing sceneries and its historical and artistic beauty. Its culture has influenced the whole of the world from literature, art to the fashion industry.

With its friendly and welcoming people, Italy’s amazing landscapes stretch from majestic mountains to beautiful sea shores and quaint villages. The small towns in Tuscany, for instance, are ideal if you want to spend the day surrounded by history and art or if you want to escape from a hectic lifestyle and enjoy the countryside’s fresh air instead. Art is also the highlight of Venice which is also known as the “City of Water”. Venice indeed offers the best choice for  solitary walks along the canals – the city’s Renaissance culture and architecture are striking.



If you prefer the coast, Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia have the best beaches that have been seducing visitors for a very long time.

Italy is also famous for its good food and wine. Pasta, pizza and ice cream are  the most famous things you can eat in Italy, however, from North to South, every city or small town has its own typical dishes and recipes based on tradition, fresh ingredients, high-qualities products and, most importantly, passion.



Leaving aside the cultural aspects, Italy also provides a number of economic benefits for those who want to invest in the country. In fact, the Italian Real Estate market offers a wide variety of properties at very competitive prices. Therefore, a house in Italy can be a long-term investment: you may want to move to Italy for a job opportunity or spend a few months of the year for the summer holidays. Finally, you may also want to make some profit from your property in Italy and thus may want to rent it during the year, this can indeed be a good way of getting some income.

Furthermore, living in Italy also means being able to access one of the greatest healthcare systems in the world where medical expenses are covered not only for Italians but also for foreign people.

Education is also an important point to consider: if you and your family wish to stay in Italy for a long period of time, you can enroll your children at school. Education in Italy is free.

From cultural aspects to economic and social benefits, living in Italy can be your dream come true. As a Real Estate legal firm we will listen to your needs and will help you research the property that best suits your needs and guide you from the very beginning of the process to the signature of the final deed.

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