Picture this: you’re exploring northern Italy and travelling east and you find yourself driving through the beautiful, open, green, countryside. Suddenly, the skyline is broken by gentle slopes that gradually turn into steep hillsides. The road starts to get windier, the air is pure and fresh as you take in the peaceful surroundings.

You then park your car at the top of mount Rua and you admire the spectacular view stretching out in front of you: the countryside, wisely managed by generations of Italian farmers, and finally, a city breaks the green pattern: it’s Padua, one of the most ancient cities in Italy, dating back to 1185 AD.

Padua is a beautiful, charming Italian city which is located in a strategic area: it lies 10 km north off the Euganean Hills and 20 km west from Venice. This is definitely one of the best cities to check out if you are thinking of investing in Real Estate in Italy.

Padua is known as the “city of the three withouts”: “the Saint without a name”, referring to Saint Anthony whom Paduans simply call “The Saint”; “the Meadow without grass” referring to Prato della Valle, one of the largest and most beautiful squares in Europe; and “the Café without doors”, referring to the historical bar Caffè Pedrocchi, which in the past was open day and night.

Padua boasts many green areas, and waterways such as the river Brenta and Bacchiglione run past the city.

The city is also strategically located in relation to many transport lines: it is close to the main international airport of Marco Polo di Tessera – Venice, and not far from the airport of Treviso, which is popular for its low-cost flights to many destinations in Europe. Padua’s train station is only a 15-minute-walk from the city center and trains from there connect many cities around Italy.

The city’s public transport is also great for people of all ages as it offers buses, a new tramway and bike rentals all across the city center. A large part of the city center is limited to traffic, allowing people to move freely from one place to the other on foot or by bike.

Padua is a university city, and this makes property prices relatively affordable.Its favorable position and its beauty have created a constant, flourishing and increasing growth of the Real Estate market with many property deals to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.

Buying a house in Italy, and especially in Padua, will provide you with the opportunity to rent your property to tourists: Padua is one of the most beautiful cities of art in Italy and in the world!


Once you find and buy your property in Padua, you’ll be able to enjoy its beauty all year round: the thermal spa towns of Abano Terme and Montegrotto Terme are very close to Padua and there are many hotels with spa facilities in the Euganean Hills. You can also easily get to Venice from Padua or go to Arquà Petrarca, where you can visit Petrarca’s house and see where the famous Italian poet spent the last years of his life. Several medieval castles in the nearby towns of Monselice, Este or Montagnana are also very close to Padua. Finally, you can enjoy a sailing trip on the river Brenta and discover the Venetian Villas.


Life in Padua, as life elsewhere in Italy, is also characterized by the flavor of excellent Italian food and wine. Don’t miss the traditional happy hour with a Spritz (an Italian wine-based cocktail) in one of the many squares in the city center.

Some typical dishes in Padua that are worth trying are: “bigoli”, large strands of spaghetti made with flour and eggs and seasoned with tomato or Bolognese sauce; “spezzatino di musso”, a donkey meat stew with a variety of vegetables; “gallina padovana” (Paduan chicken), and  “fugassa padovana”, a sweet leavened bread made with yeast, flour, milk, eggs, sugar, butter and lemon peel.



I am sure you are intrigued now, so what are you waiting for?

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