Services Overview


You’re dreaming of moving to Italy. Maybe you’ve just secured your Italian citizenship, or perhaps you’re exploring other options with visas. Wherever you are on your journey, our services comprise not only property purchase, but everything in between to ensure that your relocation to Italy goes as smoothly as possible. Learn more about what we can offer and how we can help you along your process.


Whether you are looking to rent or buy in Italy, we understand the process is complex and overwhelming. Our team of qualified attorneys and real estate experts can carry you throughout all the major steps of the process, from the Purchase Offer to Preliminary Contract to Final Agreement.

Our comprehensive services also include professionally translating documents as well as certifying foreign documents for use outside their country of issue. With our streamlined process, we can help you acquire your property in a timely manner.


Foreign retirees can benefit from a special tax incentive. If you move your tax residency to Italy, you can be eligible for a 7% flat tax on your pension and foreign assets. There are certain criteria you must meet (for instance, only foreign income is eligible) and you must move to Southern Italy.

Italian citizens are also eligible, provided they too receive pensions from outside of Italy. Read on to learn more about eligibility and how to take advantage of this benefit.


It is possible to obtain residency in Italy, even if you are not an Italian or EU citizen. Upon securing your visa and Italian property, our team can assist you with the final details involved in settling in Italy, from applying for your permesso di soggiorno, to health insurance coverage, and establishing legal residency.


Making the move to Italy can be daunting, and securing your dream property is only the first step. Many people would like assistance beyond a house, and if that sounds like you, our A-Z relocation service is perfect for your needs.

Our qualified experts will help with everything from booking your flight, opening an Italian bank account, getting an Italian SIM card, and registering with the national healthcare.


If you don’t have Italian citizenship, you can still relocate to Italy by securing a visa. There are many options for each unique situation, but two particularly popular visas are the Elective Residency Visa (for retirees) and the new Digital Nomad Visa for remote workers.

Both of these visas have certain income requirements, proof of accommodation, and healthcare, among other documents to provide. To learn more about these visa options and how we can assist you throughout the process, contact us.