Home Construction and Renovation in Italy – Explanation of the subject and our services 

For individuals who are thinking of purchasing land and building their home in Italy, Italian Real Estate Lawyers is proud to offer construction services in partnership with several renowned and well-known Italian construction companies. Furthermore, for those who are looking for real estate in Italy, it’s not uncommon to come across properties in need of renovations or even complete reconstruction. Whether you’re handy with an eye for remodeling or have identified a property in need of some tender loving care in your ideal location, the prospect of home construction or renovation in Italy can be both exciting and intimidating.

Italian Real Estate Lawyers is able to guide clients on this important process, providing both legal expertise and concrete help in dealing with construction companies. Before explaining our services, however, let us provide you a short explanation of important info to consider when undertaking such a venture.

It’s necessary to understand the many laws, permits, and regulations governing land use in Italy before initiating any construction or renovation project. The most important among these is the Building Permit, known as Permesso di Costruire in Italian. This document, issued by local municipalities, authorizes construction and/or demolition activities in line with a determined area’s development plans. Additionally, two other frequently employed permits are the “CILA” (Comunicazione di Inizio Lavori Asseverata or Authorized Notification of the Initiation of Activities) and the “SCIA” (Segnalazione certificata di inizio attività or Certified Notification for the Initiation of Activities), which provide legal authorization for various forms of construction and renovation work.

The SCIA serves as an official permission for substantial construction endeavors, such as structural remodeling or large building projects. Instead, the CILA is used in cases of moderate renovation and structural work. Both of these documents must be prepared by an official Italian architect, surveyor, or engineer.

Under Italian law, certain types of construction activities necessitate specific permits, including the construction of new buildings, urban area restructuring, and modifications within designated heritage zones. These zones typically hold historical, cultural, or ecological significance and are outlined in city development plans.

Navigating Italian construction laws and regional regulations can be complex, making legal help extremely valuable. Legal professionals and experts based in Italy play a critical role in ensuring compliance with regulations, conducting thorough due diligence on potential builders, and crafting legally sound contracts throughout the construction process.

Italian Real Estate Lawyers works with several construction partners, with whom we collaborate closely to ensure seamless renovation or construction projects. However, our partnership is not exclusive, and we are also capable of working with other companies if preferred by our clients.

Specifically, our Renovation and Construction Services include:

  • Communicating with regional public offices to obtain accurate local information throughout Italy.
  • Providing 2-4 estimates from local contractors.
  • Providing background check on the construction company, ensuring their trustworthiness
  • Drafting purchase proposals based on the acquisition of necessary licenses for required improvements.
  • Providing English or German translations of all contracts drafted.
  • Communicating with Building Company, whether you choose our partner or another company of your choice.
  • Preparing interim transaction reports for you before completing any terms of payment.

For further information or to discuss our Renovation and Construction Services, please contact us at info@italianrealestatelawyers.com