A number of potential clients approach us seeking assistance with purchasing an Italian property, with a set budget in mind and an idea of where they would like to purchase Italian Real Estate. However, their local knowledge and connections with local estate agents is somewhat limited and this is where our services set us apart from other real estate lawyers.

In order to find the best solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs, as a first step our professionals generally need to know the following:

  • The type of property that our clients are seeking to purchase: for instance, an apartment, a detached house, a villa, a country home, a farmhouse, or perhaps a vineyard.
  • The location, be it near the seaside, in the mountains, in a particular city or in the countryside.
  • The purpose of the purchase: whether the property will be a holiday home or a private residential home.
  • The client’s budget and all of the associated costs involved in making a purchase.
  • The type of payment which the buyer wishes to make. While payment in cash is favorable, additional financial help can be slightly more complicated as Italian banks can be reluctant to lend to foreign citizens, which is why, in some cases, it is best for the buyer to set up a loan in their home country. 


For a flat fee or a retainer fee, our professionals will develop an in-depth understanding of our client’s requirements and search out properties which are ideal for the client’s profile. We can check among private real estate listings or local agents. If the property is being sold through a real estate agent we act as intermediary. This time-saving solution will keep many foreign buyers free from scouring through websites, travelling to Italy, meeting with agents and attending inspections.

As a result, our company will provide detailed reports, including pictures and videos of the properties, which will be personally inspected by our professionals.

Furthermore, if an overseas client is interested in purchasing a property and then renovating it to their own particular taste, we source and provide budget estimates of all the required construction works so that our client can have a clear understanding of all  future costs involved.

Our property market analysis and opportunity search process generally takes several weeks to complete. However, if the clients are unsure about property type and location, this may prolong the process before they are then able to move to the next stage Due Diligence & Preliminary Assessment.

For all other questions and queries please contact our Legal Professionals.