Many clients reach out to us for advice regarding the best places to purchase a property in Italy, be it for a holiday home or an investment property. In fact, while many individuals may have travelled to Italy several times, and they might already know where they would like to purchase their property, it is not uncommon for many other people to be overwhelmed by Italy’s great variety of regions and landscapes and thus to be unsure as to where to invest specifically. Italian Real Estate Lawyers is pleased to offer its latest bespoke package, which will allow you to travel to Italy and tour around a number of properties while you also enjoy and experience first-hand everything that Italy has to offer.

The sections outlined below will guide you through our exclusive service which has been designed for those who are eager to learn about Italy’s investment opportunities while enjoying a tailor-made itinerary in the country. This package is offered to individuals, families and groups alike.

Property Research: Our dedicated team will diligently scour the market to identify properties that align with your criteria, ensuring a perfect match for your needs. This step will involve ongoing email and video conversations, allowing us to gain deeper insights into your preferences. From there, we’ll narrow down a selection of 10-15 properties that catch your interest.

Real Estate 101: Upon your arrival to Italy, you can come to our newly established office located in a magnificent 16th century Villa in Veneto, outside of Verona, to experience a day of “training”. (For more info on our villa, please consult: You will receive tailored guidance from our lead attorney, Marco Permunian, who will cover all aspects of the purchasing process, real estate, mortgages, visas, and even Italian citizenship. This exclusive one-on-one session ensures all your questions are answered thoroughly before you begin your property tours.

Memorable Dinner at the Villa: To conclude your training day on a high note, we arrange a delightful Italian dinner amidst the beautiful grounds of the villa. The menu will be tailored to your preferences, dietary needs, and allergies, guaranteeing an unforgettable dining experience.

Personalized Property Tours: The typical time frame for touring properties is around 1-2 weeks, however, this may vary depending on your specific needs. With your preferred properties narrowed down to 10-15, we will curate a personalized itinerary for you to visit them in person. Collaborating with the relevant property agencies, we’ll arrange tours that allow you to explore each residence firsthand. While we won’t accompany you directly, rest assured that the property’s real estate agent will provide you with all essential information about the property.

  • Transportation Logistics: To ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey, it’s essential to consider transportation arrangements. You can choose between securing a rental car for your convenience or allowing us to organize transportation services between properties. In urban or suburban locations, we can provide you with train itineraries for efficient travel. In more remote areas, we can also assist by reaching out to local shuttle agencies to provide you with cost estimates.

Exclusive Local Activity: As a special treat, we will also book a playful activity in the vicinity of where you are house hunting. Whether a wine tasting, cooking class, or walking tour of a local city, the curated experience will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the local charm your chosen area has to offer.

In conclusion, our objective is to provide you with a thorough understanding of the investment opportunities that Italy offers while allowing you to experience the true Italian lifestyle.

If you would like further information, please contact us for a free consultation.