IREL – Providing Property Management Services for Our Clients

The role we undertake with our clients can be over once the sale has been completed and the new homeowners have moved into their Italian home. However, there are instances, whereby an investor or the new homeowner only use their Italian home as a holiday home and they will need property management services in addition to our legal services this is what we offer.

Depending on the services that you require to either manage your investments or perhaps maintain your property so that it is completely ready for your planned vacations, we offer an annual or yearly fee to provide such services.

Private Residential Properties

For those wishing to use their Italian home as a secondary holiday home that will only be used temporarily throughout the year we provide the following services:

  • Payment of the utilities: electricity, gas and water connections and the installation of metres
  • Payment of the maintenance taxes:
    • Property ownership tax (IMU): is a property ownership tax to be paid if the property is not your main residence
    • Services tax (TASI): is a tax paid on ‘indivisible services’ for the local area, costs such as street lighting and maintaining roads and green spaces
    • Waste collection tax (TARI): is an Italian maintenance tax for waste collection
  • Payment of Common Charges
  • A forwarding for all of the client’s mail delivered to our offices
  • We can also provide assistance with the insurance contracts, security systems, maintenance agreements etc.

Investment Real Estate Services

For those that have purchased their Italian property for rental yields, and capital investment then we offer differing services. This service is offered to individuals or those that have purchased the property through an Italian or a foreign company vehicle.

The main services we offer are:

  • Search for a new tenant upon the expiration of the contract of lease
  • Preparation and execution on behalf of the client of rental agreements
  • Preparation of Italian tax returns (in connection with our partner accounting firm)
  • Provision of legal advice to comply with all tax and administrative requirements

Furthermore, we can conduct semi-annual property inspections (by personally visiting the properties) also for property investors who are interested in maintaining a large Italian portfolio

Another additional service we can offer to our clients is the provision of financial management solutions in order to help them gain as high a return as possible on their property investments. Out of all the investment solutions, buying a real estate is still the wisest option to go with, most of all if in a fashionable and attractive Italian location.

Keep in mind that we can find the best type of properties in the most attractive Italian regions which are able to ensure profitable economic returns.

For those that are considering utilising our property management services, please don’t hesitate in contacting our team of experts – Contact Us.