Many clients reach out to us in order to buy the property of their dreams in Italy; however, there are also a number of people who seek assistance not only to purchase a property but also to relocate to Italy. Our bespoke package – for those of you who would like to make life-changing plans from the comfort of your homes – has been designed to fulfil your dreams and help you settle in your new life in Italy.
The sections below briefly outline the services offered in our A-to-Z full relocation package: from purchasing or renting a property, to travelling to Italy, accessing Italy’s healthcare system, paying taxes, opening a bank account and settling in the country. You will get the chance to work directly with our attorney Marco Permunian and his specialized team, who will help you make your journey towards Italy as comfortable and smooth as possible.
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Although many decide to purchase a property when they move to Italy, there are also many people who prefer to rent a property first and then search for the house of their dreams while they are in Italy. Our dedicated team will provide you with the most tailor-made options based on your specific preferences and needs. You can consult with our team prior to your departure to discuss the best option for you. They will also carry out in-depth market analysis and due diligence on the property you choose to rent or purchase in order for all transactions to run smoothly.


Full assistance – travelling and relocating to Italy

Our comprehensive relocation package entails an A-to-Z service; it provides the highest level of support, from booking your flight to helping you settle anywhere in Italy. Our team will be present at your arrival in Italy. We will help you obtain the ideal visa to enter Italy (work or study visa, family reunion visa, elective residence visa or investor visa), which will ultimately open the doors to permanent residency in Italy.
If you are eligible to apply for Italian citizenship by descent or by marriage, we will help you obtain an Italian passport and you will not be subject to any time restrictions or limitations neither in Italy nor in any of the EU’s member states. Our full relocation package is also extended to your immediate family members.


Transferring your belongings overseas

Our team will help you arrange the transportation of your belongings from your home country to Italy. If you have any pets, we will take care of finding the best travel option for them and we will ensure that they meet Italy’s entry requirements. If you plan on travelling in the EU once you arrive in Italy, your dedicated relocation assistant will help you obtain an EU Health Certificate for your pet’s travel purposes within the EU.



Our full relocation package also entails helping you to open a bank account, regardless of whether you reside in Italy or in your home country. Furthermore, it includes legal advice on paying national and municipal property taxes such as IUC (Imposta Unica Comunale), IMU (Imposta Municipale Propria), TASI (Tributo per i Servizi Indivisibili) and TARI (Tassa sui Rifiuti).
Our dedicated team will also liaise with an English-speaking CPA or accountant who will provide you with in-depth information about all the tax incentives and tax benefits related to income, which may apply to you.


Obtaining a tax code

A codice fiscale (Italian tax code) is an alphanumeric code which is assigned to every Italian citizen who is born in Italy, and to non-Italians who live and work in the country. The tax code is very similar to the US Social Security Number but it is used more frequently in everyday life, such as to buy medicines, open a bank account, obtain a mortgage, rent a house, pay taxes and purchase a property. Our dedicated relocation team will help you to obtain an Italian tax code at any diplomatic or consular office abroad or at any Revenue Office (Agenzia delle Entrate) in Italy.



Sim card

Our team will help you set up your SIM card and choose the best mobile plan for you. Among the most popular companies in Italy are Vodafone, TIM, Wind, Tre and Iliad. An Italian SIM card will allow you to use data and you will be able to use your phone in different EU countries without additional fees.


If you establish residency in Italy, our team will help you to register with the National Health Service and access Italy’s healthcare system. In particular, you will be issued a Tesserino sanitario personale (Italian Health Insurance Card), which will allow you to benefit from a number of free or partially-paid services (ticket sanitario). These include general medical examinations in clinics, specialist medical appointments, hospitalization, vaccinations, blood tests, X-rays and ultrasounds, to name a few.


Our full relocation package also includes a six or twelve-month assistance programme after relocation.


Our comprehensive package will also help you with the following:

  • Setting up utilities (gas, water, internet and electricity) and managing payments;
  • Renting your property: if you are not planning on living in Italy permanently, you might want to rent out your property. There are several types of rental contracts and we can help you find the best one depending on your needs and preferences;
  • Managing your property (advertising, collecting payment, cleaning and carrying out maintenance work, if needed).

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