Before considering Italian Real Estate Lawyers (IREL), I had stumbled upon many English-speaking property law firms in Italy, asking for steep consultation fees. IREL offered a free consultation at the beginning of the inquiry process, unlike any of the other competitors. IREL welcomed questions and through ongoing conversations via emails, Linda Balboni, Head of Client Intake, allowed me to ask a wide array of questions about their services. Through that dialogue, Linda helped me to understand more about the purchase process and in the end I signed the agreement with IREL. All of the team members who work for IREL showed me great experience and knowledge and they successfully completed the purchase process for my property in Loreto Apruntino.

Loreto Aprutino is a small, picturesque and enchanting medieval village nestled in the unspoiled hills of Abruzzo. The majestic Church of Santa Maria in Piano is among the city’s most fascinating cultural sites, however, Loreto Aprutino is also famous for its museums, such as the Ceramics Museum and the Oil Museum. With regards to the latter, the town is renowned for its countryside hills which are covered with olive groves and vineyards.

I fell in love with my property right away, especially with the breathtaking view of Loreto Aprutino and the Appenins which you can see from the roof. You can even see the Majella Park, a true gem of biodiversity which contains 500 kilometers of hiking trails through the mountains. 

Language barriers can be challenging; however, at no point did I feel I was misrepresented when translations were occurring.  Furthermore, the entire process was very organized and I was able to understand the intricacies of Italian property law since each step was explained to me by a subject matter expert. Therefore, the team at IREL guided me through all the required steps without there being the need for me to be physically present in the country. The team understood all my needs and they went above and beyond to satisfy them.

If you are thinking of purchasing a property in Italy, I highly recommend watching IREL’s Youtube podcast, hosted by Italian lawyer Marco Permunian, co-founder of IREL, together with video specialist and content creator Rafael Di Furia. Every episode allowed me to gain invaluable insights into Italy’s real estate market, the terminology used and the different stages in the purchase process.

Throughout the purchase process, I was positively surprised to see how smoothly IREL’s team faced the few inconveniences that arose. As with any purchase, hiccups can arise; nevertheless, the IREL staff provided me with valuable alternatives, on the spot, all remotely. In particular, real estate specialist Emma Piva coordinated the entire purchase process with expertise and ease and she was able to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Even after the purchase, I continued to be wowed! In particular, real estate specialist Georgiana Burdea has been invaluable in coordinating the many additional services provided after the property purchase. She has handled all the utilities smoothly, which include electricity, gas and water connections. Furthermore, the package I selected included IREL servicing the paperwork needed to complete the payment of the maintenance taxes and property ownership taxes. Tackling this significant undertaking on my own would have been overwhelming; IREL has provided incredible assistance.

As for my future plans, I will continue to hire IREL to manage my Italian property as I am still living in the United States.  When I am ready to move to Italy, I will ask IREL to assist me in applying for an Elective Residency Visa. In that way, I will be able to reside in Loreto Aprutino without any time restrictions and limitations.

In conclusion, if you are buying property in Italy and need an English-speaking firm to advise you during and after your property purchase, contact IREL. Purchasing a property can be daunting with all of the steps that I have described. IREL makes this challenging process possible. I did this remotely and you can too!