Alina’s heart was set on a cozy apartment in southern Italy to use for vacationing and rental purposes. She found her perfect place in Bari, an exciting and accessible town that captivated her from her first visit. Italian Real Estate Lawyers (IREL) interviewed her on her experience throughout the process, and this is what she had to say.

There wasn’t one highlight with IREL—the entire purchasing journey was a highlight. Everything went incredibly smoothly, and truthfully, the apartment was bought sooner than I had imagined. Sometimes, I still can’t believe how, with just a simple action, I’m the owner of an apartment.

I honestly didn’t have any specific idea of what to anticipate. Upon the recommendation of my colleague, I placed trust in IREL. My goal was simple: to successfully purchase an apartment. However, the reality far surpassed my expectations. We maintained almost daily contact, ensuring I was consistently informed about every development. Each step was thoroughly discussed, and I received numerous additional recommendations. My case worker at IREL, Emma, efficiently liaised with realtors, swiftly acquiring all the necessary information, and verified all potential apartment details, including cadastral registration. In only a few weeks, I gained complete trust in our actions and decisions.

Choosing a region
In the beginning, I was contemplating two regions in Italy for a purchase: Sicilia or Puglia. I’m drawn to these regions because, to me, they embody the essence of real Italy with their historical architecture and authentic Italian ambiance, which I adore. Eventually, the decision settled on Puglia, specifically Bari. Bari’s appeal lies in its port and airport accessibility, making it convenient to reach. I had previously visited Bari during a cruise and instantly fell in love with the town’s atmosphere. Its proximity to the sea makes it an ideal spot for a summer getaway, and the city itself, along with the surrounding region, is rich in historical sites. It seemed like the perfect place to fulfill all my primary needs: strolling around, exploring historical landmarks, and enjoying summer activities.

The kind of property
I aimed to purchase a small apartment for several reasons. Firstly, my budget wasn’t extensive. Additionally, I planned to rent out the property for short-term stays, so the space needed to fit this purpose. Moreover, I preferred an apartment that already had a decent appearance, minimizing the need for extensive renovations—just some minor touch-ups at most. I’m pleased to say that all my requirements were perfectly met.

Unexpected aspects
The most appreciated aspect was, surprisingly, the attitude. Often, companies tend to be more accommodating to bigger clients, those making larger purchases or deals. I had anticipated my case being handled responsibly, but I didn’t expect such genuine eagerness. Nevertheless, I consistently felt like the most valued client of the company. The communication was always productive, every detail explained thoroughly, and my needs were understood exceptionally well.

Future plans
I’m gradually furnishing the apartment. Initially, I plan to use it for vacationing. Once it’s set up and has a cozy feel, I’ll begin short-term rentals. As part of the post-purchase service, I’ve already received assistance in finding a property manager for such a purpose.

Final remarks
I want to sincerely thank dear Emma and the entire team at IREL for their incredible support throughout this process. I will wholeheartedly recommend Italian Real Estate Lawyers to any friends looking to purchase an apartment in Italy. I couldn’t have asked for better service. Italian Real Estate Lawyers did an excellent job, and it is a shining example of how to build a successful business. Thank you!

Alina has reviewed and approved this success story and has granted IREL the right to use her name and images.