Although many foreigners, particularly the ones with Italian ancestry, dream of following their roots all the way to Italy and perhaps purchase a property there, the complexity of the process stops many from even trying. In addition to this, not everyone can take time off work to travel, view properties and be involved in the purchasing process; however, with the help of the right professionals, this dream can come true.

Back in March 2022, when Ali began planning her family’s future in Gorizia – her grandmother’s hometown -, she knew that she would have to buy the property without viewing it prior to the purchase due to her family’s busy schedule in the United States. In addition to this, her family had already planned their move to Italy for the end of June so time was of the essence: being faced with the necessity to complete the purchase safely, on time and from a distance, Ali reached out to Italian Real Estate Lawyers to help her throughout the purchasing process.

Without the right guidance, Italian bureaucracy can be overwhelming, especially if you are working towards tight deadlines, however, the expertise provided by IREL’s team of real estate specialists gave Ali the peace of mind she needed to keep planning her move without additional concerns, knowing that her future dream house would be waiting for her and her family as soon as they arrived in Italy.

Ali had already set eyes on a beautiful apartment for her and her family, and it was vital for her to know that a professional team would take care of ensuring that the purchasing process was safe from a legal perspective, and that there were no hidden liabilities. In this sense, the help of Italian Real Estate Lawyers was crucial.

In Italy, the first stages of a real estate transaction entail retrieving all the details regarding the property from the Catasto (land registry). However, in Gorizia, the system is slightly different as its geographical area has not been divided according to the ordinary land registration system, but rather according to a different system which is called sistema tavolare. For anyone going through the process on their own, obtaining the necessary documents to continue the purchase would have been very challenging, however, thanks to the expertise of real estate specialist Linda Balboni, the purchase was completed swiftly and with all the necessary information to register the deed correctly.

Indeed, purchasing a house in a foreign country can be an intimidating task per se, and not being able to be involved in the process can make the process look even more daunting, especially if Italian is not the buyer’s first language. Therefore, the help of IREL’s bilingual team was crucial as they kept Ali informed about every detail throughout the purchasing process and they translated every document for her in order to be fully aware of the terms and conditions of the purchase.

When the day came to sign the final deed of sale, one of IREL’s lawyers signed the deed on Ali’s behalf via a power of attorney. Finally, in order to facilitate Ali’s move to Italy, IREL’s post-sale specialist Georgiana assisted her and her family with setting up all the utilities and paying taxes, making sure that everything in their new home was ready for their arrival.

If issues such as distance, a language barrier or lack of time are preventing you from following your dream and moving to Italy, do not hesitate to contact our team of lawyers and real estate specialists at We will provide you with all the help you need to plan your life in Italy, putting your worries aside and taking care of the purchasing process for you from A to Z.


Written by Italian Real Estate Lawyers


Ali has reviewed and approved this success story and has granted IREL the right to use her name and image.