Originating from two corners of the United States, the sun-kissed shores of Florida and the inviting landscapes of California, Linda and Brian’s house-hunting journey found its final destination in the picturesque village of Vietri sul Mare. Situated as the inaugural gem along the renowned Amalfi Coast, this idyllic Italian town now stands as their new abode.

What were the highlights of your journey with IREL?

Our journey with IREL was marked by a series of accomplishments that has led us to realize our dream of purchasing a home in southern Italy. IREL started by locating exceptional properties in various towns across the area, specifically those that aligned with the 7% tax scheme for pensioners. The thoroughness of their property search ensured that we were presented with a variety of beautiful options. IREL then established numerous contacts with properties and subsequently arranged multiple appointments. Negotiating with the property real estate agency particularly ensured that we were not charged for services that should be covered by the seller. IREL also facilitated our interaction with a nearby notary who offered reasonable fees.

Throughout the entire process, IREL’s communication and support remained unwavering. They maintained constant contact with the seller’s realtor, demonstrating their diligence and professionalism. They also presented documents and provided translations whenever necessary.

What were your expectations? Did our services meet your needs?

IREL definitely met our needs and our expectations. We already knew that the office was full of competent, professional individuals who would respond to our questions in a timely manner, represent our best interests, and follow through on everything that would need to be done to complete the purchase of our new home. From the initiation of the property search to the closure, their dedication was a reassuring constant, building upon our previous positive experience with ICA, their sister firm.

How did you choose where to purchase? Which property did you eventually decide upon?

We were looking at towns in southern Italy that would meet the requirements for the 7% tax scheme for pensioners. We had several criteria for a new home town. First, public transportation was important. We don’t plan on buying a car, so we’ll need access to trains and busses within an easy walk of our home. Second, we envisioned walking to produce markets and pasticcerie (cake shops) for our daily shopping. Third, we wanted lovely views of mountains and the sea. Nearby walking trails would be a bonus. Lastly, we wanted a friendly place that would welcome us. 

The property we eventually purchased was a first-floor apartment with a captivating sea view. Nestled in the historic center of Vietri sul Mare, the apartment’s strategic location made it convenient for us to access the train station, bus stops, and nearby attractions. Despite the need for extensive renovation, the allure of the location outweighed all other factors.

Any unexpected but welcomed aspects related to the process?

All of the official documents were located and processed earlier than expected and we were able to close on the property two months earlier than expected. Another wonderful surprise was that IREL had a post-sale service to get utilities turned on, transferred to our name, etc.!

What are your future plans now that you’ve purchased your property?

Looking ahead, our vision for the property involves transformative renovations. Collaborating with architects, we are planning the enhancements that will turn this apartment into our dream home. With Christmas as our target, the anticipation of living in our new space fills us with excitement.

To the entire IREL team, keep up the excellent work! We greatly appreciate all of the help and support that you provided to us during our property journey.


Linda and Brian have reviewed and approved this success story and have granted IREL the right to use their names and images.