When Andrea and Svein began to research the ideal European location for their second home they knew that Italy was going to be on their bucket list. After visiting a few areas, they fell in love with Padua, which is renowned for its cultural heritage, welcoming attitude and lively urban city life. However, when they began to contact local real estate agencies, only a few were willing to work with them due to the language barrier. Additionally, due to their busy schedules, Andrea and Svein had little opportunity to examine the properties they were interested in. However, they persisted in their search until they stumbled upon a podcast presented by Italian Real Estate Lawyers, at which point they made the decision to contact them. They were able to visit many properties quickly with the aid of Italian Real Estate Lawyers, who also helped them complete the purchasing process in four months.

The property descriptions and pictures on the internet listings were very limited on most occasions. When we contacted various real estate agents only a few got back to us with additional information. Furthermore, most wanted to communicate with you via phone and once they realized we had a USA phone several chose not to communicate at all.

The experts at Italian Real Estate Lawyers evaluated the demands of Andrea and Svein, booked all the viewings for them, and communicated with the participating realtors. Andrea and Svein chose to submit an offer on the first house they saw after touring a few properties.
Once the offer was accepted, real estate specialist Emma verified that there were no structural, legal or financial issues. She also inspected the property with a surveyor and she examined the property’s previous deeds and titles.

Emma was able to instantly fix the few challenges that arose and the process went successfully. On one occasion, for instance, she noticed an inconsistency on a record held by the Municipality so she contacted the seller, who amended the document before the deed was signed. Moreover, as the property was located in a historical building, Emma made sure that the Italian Ministry of Fine Arts could not claim their right to purchase it.

Andrea and Svein granted Emma the power of attorney to sign the deed on their behalf.

We spent numerous hours on YouTube watching videos on how to buy a home in Italy. From all the videos we watched, IREL stood out. They seemed to have the clearest overview of what to do and what it takes to buy a home in Italy. […] We got to spend Thanksgiving in our new apartment, only 4 months (including a 60-day waiting period) after we placed a contract on it!

Andrea and Svein decided to rely on IREL’s services to set up of all the utilities in their names. This process can be very complex and long, but with the help of Georgiana and IREL’s team, Andrea and Svein were able to visit their property shortly after purchasing it. They also opened an Italian bank account and received IREL’s assistance with setting up Wi-Fi and paying taxes.

In all, the IREL experience has been tremendous, and we would recommend their services to anyone interested in buying a property in Italy. Simply put, do not try to go through this process on your own. You might get through it, but the headaches are simply not worth it.

Don’t let your dream of buying a house in Italy remain just a dream – make it come true! With the help of Italian Real Estate Lawyers your journey toward purchasing a property will be safe and quick. Contact our team today at info@italianrealestatelawyers.com for a free consultation and get ready to enjoy your life in Italy!

Andrea and Svein have reviewed and approved this success story and have granted IREL the right to use their names and images.