The unparalleled beauty of Italy has been charming both foreigners and locals for centuries. It comes as no surprise that many American citizens select this multifaceted country as their second home. Owning a property in Italy means securing free holidays all year round in a magical and fascinating country that offers a variety of natural landscapes, delicious food, and cities and quaint little villages which are rich in art and history. Italian Real Estate Lawyers (IREL) is proud to have helped many clients fulfill their dream of purchasing a property in Italy. This dream became reality for Chris Di Nardo, who reached out to IREL seeking guidance in order to purchase the property of his dreams in the Italian countryside.

“My journey was probably a little different in that I had already been looking at houses in the area of Italy, which I wanted to buy. IREL offers the service of helping find the house too, but I already had a view in mind on where I wanted to live. I really needed help with everything from navigating the offer process, including negotiating the agreement and final closing of the sale. I was happy to see that IREL offered detailed services to help me with everything I needed in order to finalize the purchase. Their assistance was very important and they ensured there was not anything that could harm me later in the contract. Finding the house, and then actually buying it, requires assistance with experts who know how to navigate the entire process and can look out for your best interest.”

Indeed, purchasing a property can be a rather intricate process, therefore Chris decided to choose Italian Real Estate Lawyers who guided him and explained all the phases and steps involved in the process.

“They assigned me with a team that was very responsive to my questions and knew exactly what needed to be done. It was clear they had a lot of experience and I felt like they were representing me as if they were an extension of myself. They proved to me their expertise all along the way, which gave me great confidence.”

Thanks to the help of Italian Real Estate Lawyers Chris was able to navigate the notoriously complex Italian bureaucracy without any setbacks.

“I was not surprised by the paperwork needed because I have purchased a house in the US before, which required a lot of paperwork, but there are differences in the ways it is done in Italy, for which I really relied on the expertise of the IREL team. They translated everything and made sure I understood all the documents. They were advocates on my behalf and were able to point out the implications of any decision that we needed to make when going through the process. You may hear of Italian bureaucracy making things difficult but I would say the IREL team made it easy because I didn’t have to figure everything out, which could have led to a costly mistake.”

Therefore, choosing professional services, such as the ones provided by Italian Real Estate Lawyers, can help you save a significant amount of time and unnecessary expenses.

“The service is well worth the investment and the cost is really a small part of the overall purchase for which you can save money from their ability to negotiate and avoid any mishaps during the process. I know that I got the best price for the house that I could have gotten. IREL also offer amazing post-sale help to get you started successfully.”

As for his future plans in his new property in Italy, Chris is determined to pursue his passion for gardening and wine.

“I am planning to plant a small vineyard and make wine. The property has just enough land to make a small batch of wine each year, and I have been excited about this possibility. The climate in Italy is great for growing plants that cannot be grown at my home in the United States; being able to cultivate tropical fruits from the trees already in the yard and planting a vineyard is a dream of mine.”

Today, Chris has achieved his lifelong dream thanks to IREL and its highly dedicated team of experts.

“My dream has been to own a house in Italy where I can live either full-time or part-time when I retire, although I am already visiting the house every few months now. You can find a great home in Italy. I found a rustic home with a beautiful view that met the criteria that I set for myself. I received a great price for a house that really needs very few, if any, adjustments. I would say if you are thinking about this, talk with IREL early as they can help you realize your dream.”

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