The idea of purchasing a property in a foreign country can be very exciting and equally daunting. In the case of Italy, navigating the process and managing the bureaucratic red tape, as well as overcoming the language barrier, can be enough to make anyone change their minds about purchasing a house in the country. Italy is a dream retirement destination for many, as it was for Dan and Kevin Rainey. During the uncertainty of 2020, Dan and Kevin began to research how to make their dream of purchasing a house for themselves and their pooch, Theo, come to life. This is how they discovered the services of Italian Real Estate Lawyers.

Dan and Kevin love travelling and immersing themselves in the different cultures of the world. During the 2020 pandemic, Kevin decided to apply for Italian citizenship; he and Dan then started looking into purchasing a property in Italy that would serve as an idyllic home base for all of the extensive travelling they planned on doing during their retirement years. While doing some research, Kevin found the services of Italian Citizenship Assistance and after discovering that he qualified for dual citizenship, he and Dan began the journey to making their retirement dreams a reality. In fact, Italian Citizenship Assistance has a branch that specializes in real estate law, which helps clients anywhere in the world to purchase property in Italy. Dan and Kevin learned more about Italian Real Estate Lawyers thanks to Marco’s podcasts and they decided to reach out with general questions. Upon receiving in-depth answers, they committed to a timeline.

Their case was assigned to a real estate specialist who carried out research to identify the property that satisfied their requirements. Dan and Kevin decided to settle on Rovigo due to its size, proximity and ease for travel. In fact, they were specifically looking for a small and quiet town. They also wanted to live in a city where they did not have to rely on a vehicle. In this sense, Rovigo is in a strategic position and it is well connected with many cities in Italy.

It’s hard to buy a property you’ve never seen from people you’ve never met in a country you are unfamiliar with, but they made the process really easy for us. They were very patient and gave us a high level of confidence and they made sure that what was important to us was being taken care of.

Dan and Kevin finalized the purchasing process in December 2021 but they did not see it in person until February 2022. Everything was done by email; Giorgiana was their point of contact and she helped them with their transition to their new home. The process of setting up everyday amenities such as utilities and Wi-Fi, as well as setting up bank accounts can be very complicated, however, Giorgiana took care of everything. She also helped them with small works that needed to be done in the property such as installing air conditioning. In particular, Giorgiana gave Dan and Kevin three options and when they were hesitant about each one for different reasons, she carried out further research and found the best solution which Dan and Kevin were happy with.

Everything went smoothly! We are very happy with our apartment and with the excellent service we’ve received! Each individual we’ve dealt with along the way has been so friendly, professional and helpful!

Dan and Kevin plan on visiting every single major city in Italy, such as Rome, Florence and Venice, especially during the low-season because they want to take their time to explore and absorb the art and culture without tourists. They plan on going to Austria to ski and they are looking forward to travelling to Paris now that they are much closer. Ultimately, they want to travel and visit all of the EU and enjoy the lifestyle of the European cities.

The opportunities in Europe fit the lifestyle we aspire to enjoy during our retirement years much more than the States would.

Dan and Kevin are excited for the adventures that await them as they explore being citizens of the world!

Dan and Kevin have agreed to serve as subjects of this success story and have granted IREL the right to use their name and image.