Purchasing a property in Italy was a dream come true. My wife has always wanted to live in Italy, and be amongst the beauty of the land, people and culture. In April 2022 we decided to start looking for a property; we were very frightened about taking the first step but thanks to the transparent, helpful and downright amazing work of Linda Balboni, Camila Boldrin, Gaia Procopio and Georgiana Burdea, this wasn’t just a purchase of a home but a fulfillment of a lifelong dream made possible by the Italian Real Estate Lawyers law firm.

We decided to purchase a property in Vicenza, a charming and elegant city in the Veneto region. The city is fairly small so you can easily explore the old town center on foot and enjoy the fabulous architecture. Vicenza is famous for Palladio’s works and, in fact, one of the most impressive buildings in Vicenza is the Basilica Palladiana in the main square. The Teatro Olimpico is also magnificent. Vicenza is very close to beautiful cities such as Padua, Bassano del Grappa, Verona and Venice, which is only fifty minutes away by car. Milan is about two hours away; therefore, Vicenza is a great location for day trips and it’s less touristy that other cities in the north of Italy.

Once we identified the property we wanted to purchase, Italian Real Estate Lawyers took care of the entire purchasing process and guided us through all the steps until we closed on our home on March 2023.
For now, our plans are to enjoy the property a few months out of the year and when we are not in town, have it as a vacation home rental. However, we are planning our future to allow us to move into the home half the year and have the blessing of splitting our time between the two countries we love so much, Italy and the United States. I hope to catchan AC Milan match in the very near future!

Italian Real Estate Lawyers were hardworking, transparent, comforting, consistent, reliable and a true pleasure to work with.
Trying to purchase property thousands of miles away in a language that you do not know is terrifying. Especially in these times when we hardly trust anyone, IREL has demonstrated that there are still honest, reliable and cooperative people still out there in the world.
IREL truly made this process a true pleasure, and my wife and I have been singing their praises to friends and family back home who are also thinking of investing in a property in Italy.


Franco and Shannon have reviewed and approved this success story and have granted IREL the right to use their names and images.