Giancarlo and Marielle made the leap from Australia to Sicily, where they have been fully embracing the dolce vita. Italian Real Estate Lawyers caught up with the couple to delve into their experience selecting a long-term rental, guided by IREL professionals. Special thanks to Giancarlo and Marielle for graciously sharing their relocation story!

Once faced with the formidable task of securing a rental property in Palermo, Sicily, our journey took an unexpected turn when we discovered IREL. Moving from Melbourne, Australia to the charming streets of Sicily posed numerous challenges, particularly in a region where locals might be hesitant to rent to strangers. Language barriers and international transactions added to the complexity. IREL became our trusted friend, representing us professionally and bridging the gap between us and potential landlords. Their local credibility gave landlords confidence, and their ability to translate our Australian documents and contracts into Italian offered a seamless experience.

The highlight of this adventure was not only overcoming hurdles but living out our dreams in the heart of Palermo. Our rented apartment, strategically located and boasting a panoramic view of Mount Pellegrino, provided the ideal backdrop for immersing ourselves in Sicilian history, culture, and cuisine. Everyday feels like waking up on the set of a film!

Navigating bureaucracy in a foreign land was a concern, but IREL exceeded our expectations. Quick responses, dedicated assistance, and a proactive approach reassured us at every step. The quality of service didn’t just meet our needs; it surpassed them, ensuring we secured the perfect property. Unexpectedly, IREL’s negotiation skills played a crucial role when the desired property was initially leased short term. Their ability to mediate with the owner and maintain transparent communication kept us informed and on track, demonstrating the value of professional representation.

Now settled in Palermo, our future plans involve savoring the newfound freedom to explore Italy before considering a permanent residence. IREL’s role in this journey was instrumental, turning our dreams into reality. Their professionalism, prompt responses, and invaluable advice earned our trust, making them our go-to choice for future endeavors.

In conclusion, our heartfelt gratitude to IREL for making our Sicilian adventure not just a relocation but a life-changing experience. Their expertise and dedication provided us with peace of mind in securing our dream property, and we wholeheartedly recommend their services to others embarking on a similar journey.


Giancarlo and Marielle have reviewed and approved this success story and have granted IREL the right to use their names and images.