Tuscany’s allure has long been celebrated: the rolling hills, quaint towns, bold wines, and gastronomic delights are often what attract visitors. Some of these visitors, however, choose to make their Tuscan love affair more permanent. Italian Real Estate Lawyers (IREL) interviewed Samantha and Daniel DeFranco, who recently purchased their property in Tuscany, in the province of Siena.

What were the highlights of your journey with IREL, and what were your expectations?

We’re so happy we found IREL in the process of purchasing our vacation home in Tuscany. Every employee we interacted with was professional, diligent, and incredibly helpful. We had reservations about buying a property trans-atlantically, but IREL kept us in the loop every step of the way. From translating documents, reaching out to the necessary contacts for us, and scheduling appointments/services, they did it all! They exceeded our expectations before, during and after the purchase of the property.

How did you choose where to purchase and what type of property did you choose?

We really loved the area we visited for our wedding and wanted to purchase a property in relatively the same location. That’s why we chose Tuscany as our destination.

We ended up deciding on a condo located in a condominium complex. We enjoyed how close it would be to the center of town, the quietness of the location, and that it was located in a complex with other apartments. We also liked the reduced maintenance of an apartment rather than a house, which suited our preferences perfectly.

Were there any unexpected aspects related to the process?

Throughout the process, there were definitely unexpected but welcome aspects that made the journey even more enjoyable. IREL’s attention to detail and their ability to anticipate our needs made the entire experience smoother than we had anticipated.

What are your future plans?

Now that we’ve purchased our property, our future plans involve using it as a vacation and rental home to share with others. We are excited to create lasting memories in our new Tuscan getaway and provide the opportunity for our family and friends to experience the beauty of the region as well.

We are absolutely thrilled with all the help we’ve received from IREL through this process. Their dedication, expertise, and personalized approach truly made a difference. We would recommend this company to anyone interested in purchasing property in Italy. The level of service and care they provided is unparalleled!


Samantha and Daniel have reviewed and approved this success story and have granted IREL the right to use their names and images.