Tamarra and Paul, seasoned travelers with a taste for adventure, recently embarked on a new journey that led them to the picturesque region of Piedmont in northwestern Italy. Join us in discovering their property success story!

We had a wonderful experience in our property acquisition journey with Italian Real Estate Lawyers. The staff, specifically Linda, Claudia, and Rosanna, and the services they provided were excellent. After two years of looking at properties online, we reached out to IREL, and they moved to assist us right away. They provided us with valuable additional information and arranged immersive video tours of the properties we had our eyes on. This made a significant difference as they managed to engage several real estate agents (not all of whom respond quickly or even at all). After getting in touch with IREL, they helped us get additional information and provided us with video tours of the properties we were interested in. They were able to solicit numerous real estate agents.
This was very important in helping us make a decision about whether or not to proceed. They also arranged for a geometra (surveyor) to inspect the property, which we highly recommend. Finally, they walked us through all the steps of making offers, handling paperwork, and even being present at the final signing of the deed. Brave!

Going into the process, our expectations were to receive assistance finding and purchasing a property. The services at IREL more than met our needs with the added bonus of rapid and clear communication, Italian to English translation, and personal warmth.

Initially, we looked for properties in Tuscany and Umbria where we had visited and liked very much. However, in these regions the prices were high, constraining us to look at small properties. Later on, we saw videos online detailing properties in the region of Piedmont, so decided to check out that area, where we eventually purchased!
We decided on a small Piemontese villa. The home met most of our criteria and was within our budget.

The best thing the process provided is we met many friendly and helpful people including our caretaker who had lived in the house for four years and knew it well. As far as future plans, we’ll be using this new property as a vacation home, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

Whether you are buying online or in person, we highly recommend you get assistance from IREL. The whole process went extremely smoothly. Grazie!