Chad Hybarger

Georgiana was the best post sales expert in the world! She was very communicative throughout the whole process and handled every task effectively and efficiently. She helped my solve problems with my property that had been stuck for two years! She was able to contact all the people, comune staff, and utility companies and iron out any problem quickly and competently! I cannot say enough positive things about my experience. If you have any property issues in Italy requiring her services, I highly recommend her.

From Google Reviews, 2024

Greg Casella

Amazing services at a reasonable price!  I was not sure when and where I would purchase a property and they were very flexible with my terms as far as if it took a year or more to find the right place.  I was open to just an apartment or a larger income producing property that would support a business.  Within a week I found an affordable apartment to us as a home base in Italy.  The service was seamless, it really was less than two weeks from the time I met with Italian Real Estate Lawyers to the point of making an offer and having it accepted.  I feel like the fee is a small price to pay for the peace of mind.

From Facebook – 3rd November 2023

Noelle Berkhan Gardner

My husband and I couldn’t be happier as we recently purchased a home in Italy and we couldn’t have done it without the expertise and assistance of Italian Real Estate Lawyers!  From beginning to end, they walked us through the process with ease!  Their professionalism, knowledge and timely communication gave us great peace of mind, especially buying a home from so far away.
And now, after our purchase,  we are using their services for getting our utilities, wifi, etc. connected!
If you’re looking to purchase a home in Italy and don’t know where to start, USE ITALIAN REAL ESTATE LAWYERS, they’re great!

From Facebook – 1st October, 2023

Jon Goldman

First off, to those reading this, my wife and I are sitting here in our wonderful new apartment in Italy writing this review! Thank you Italian Real Estate!

When my wife and I decided we wanted to investigate buying real estate in Italy, we did what most people do, we searched on the internet. There were videos and websites galore, some were good, some were not so good. At some point in our searching, we found Italian Real Estate, a company fully devoted to helping people through the process of finding and purchasing real estate in Italy. Shortly thereafter, we arranged for a 30 minute video conference with Marco Permunian, the company’s primary real estate lawyer. This 30 minute conference plus the large library of podcasts that IREL maintains really gave us solid confidence that this company was legitimate and fully capable of helping us find a property in Italy. So, we took the plunge, signed the agreement, and paid 50% down.

From that moment on, everything we experienced with this company was perfect. We were put in contact with Emma Piva, an IREL employee who emailed us and asked us to describe what type of property we were looking for, what price range, what size, and what location. We emailed back and forth and narrowed down all of our “would likes” as opposed to our, “must haves.” Initially we were focused on Milan, but Emma and Marco both recommended that for the type of place we wanted and the amount of money we wanted to spend that we might try changing our search to Bologna, Padova, Treviso, and Ferrara. We took their advice, and soon, Emma was sending us dozens of real estate listing to examine. From there, we planned a trip in November of 2022. Sorting through the many listings, we created a list of our favorites. Emma contacted the real estate agents, and when we arrived in Italy in November, we rented a car and went about seeing properties. On the 5th day we found our apartment. Emma helped us through making an offer, getting the apartment inspected, and the process of purchasing the property. The process of purchasing a property in Italy is much slower than how it is done in the United States, but Emma kept us well informed and up-to-date throughout the process. In May of 2023, the deed of sale was signed, and our property closed.

As we sit here in our living room writing this, we can tell you it was a long process and one that requires some faith. But as the old saying goes, good things come to those who wait. When we saw our apartment we had about 20 minutes. We knew we liked it, and we definitely knew we wanted to buy it. Now, having arrived in Italy, we recognize that our apartment is far, far better than we remembered it, and far better that we could have ever hoped for.

We fully and confidently recommend Italian Real Estate Lawyers. com as an honorable and reliable company delivers what it offers.

From Google Reviews, 2023

Louis D’Angelo

Italian Real Estate Lawyers, Marco Permunian and his staff will take you through a step-by-step process with the highest integrity and professionalism should you choose to have the law firm represent you. Every question and concern was answered accurately and promptly during the 3 month purchase process of my new home in Tocco da Casauria, Pescara. For me, those qualities mean a lot, especially when I am 6 time zones away from the property of interest and unfamiliar with Italian law.
Italian Americans have a tremendous amount of pride in their heritage and for me, the law firm has restored some of that pride
by assisting every client whether it be for citizenship or purchasing a home in Italy. A recognition to Camilla Boldrin for being my confidant in the process for purchasing the home, Elisa Romanini for assisting me with the citizenship through decent process as well as the rest of the staff that had a hand in helping me. Grazie Millie

From Google Reviews, 2023

These guys were very responsive and great to work with! Highly recommended!

From Google Reviews, 2023

Mary Jane Lembo Cullen
For the last 9 months, I have consulted with Benedetta Busi of Italian Real Estate Lawyers regarding family property in Italy. As a retired attorney in the U.S., I have worked with countless attorneys in my career. I can unequivocally state that Ms. Busi is among the best. I have found her to be highly attentive to the facts and my interests. Her knowledge of relevant law is outstanding; and she has an amazing ability to explain the law and its application to my matter in a manner that is easy to understand. She has been highly professional at all times; and her genuine kindness is unsurpassed. Ms. Busi is a strong testament to all that is good in the legal profession.

From Facebook – May 29th, 2023

Bernadine Breault

Emma and the team are worth every cent, we would have never been able to get through our journey without them. From finding to viewing properties, completing the purchase (from the US) and getting all our utilities set up, bank accounts, insurance, the list goes on! Highly recommend!

From Facebook – May 11th,  2023

Herbert Rodgers
It is unusual to comment on a job yet to be completed but in this case, I need to make an exception. I have been working with Italian Real Estate Lawyers and their counterparts at Italian Citizenship Assistance to realize my dreams of owning an apartment in Italy and obtaining dual Italian citizenship. Everyone I have worked with, without exception, is a true professional. They are knowledgeable, prompt, and a pleasure to work with. Their subject matter expertise is vast, and they are great at explaining complex issues. And they always work with their clients’ best interests in mind. I do not hesitate to recommend Italian Real Estate Lawyers and Italian Citizenship Assistance.

From Facebook – May 7th, 2023

Stephanie Van Bibber-Martin

IREL was amazing through the whole buying process! They took the stress out of purchasing a property in Italy and turned it from a dream to a reality. From our first contact with Linda to our ongoing communications and guidance from Claudia and Camilla, the experience has been smooth. I truly couldn’t have gone through this journey without their expertise! I can’t recommend this group of professionals enough!

From Google Reviews, 2023


I cannot explain how this firm has completely changed our lives. I started out inquiring about Citizenship by Descent and I have progressed to purchasing our final home in Riace Marina, Italy. We actually received the keys to the property today in the mail! Without the guidance and patience of Linda Balboni and especially Gaia Procopio, I do not believe any of this would have been possible. Gaia actually found the property that we have purchased and has given us invaluable advice. They have educated us and answered all of our questions with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. The Post-Closing Service has been exceptional! Without the guidance of Georgiana Burdea, we would have been floundering in a sea of “what do we do now?” They have guided us every step of the way and we cannot wait to make our final move to Italy, hopefully by late summer. If you have Italian dreams….Mr. Permunian’s Firm will make all of them come true.

From Google Reviews, 2023

Petr Neuman

When we decided to get an appartement in Bari, as our vacation house, we knew that we would need a strong partner. Somebody who we could trust an could help us navigate all pitfalls of italian law.
We found this in Emma from Real Estate Lawyers. She was with us every step of the way. From property research to final deed.
Their post-sale service also proved invaluable, as they keep helping us with further things, such as taxes, energy bills transfers, insurance, etc.
We can recommend them to anybody who is looking for professional and highly reliable partner.

From Google Reviews, 2022

Sonya Pitt

[…]We also used them to assist in us buying a home in Italy. Elena’s communication was top notch. She attended closing with us. Very knowledgeable and very kind. I highly recommend this group to assist you.

From Google Reviews, 2022

Joseph Palladino

Just secured an apartment in Rome because of the great work by Gaia. She was tireless and a strong advocate for our needs. Renting an apartment actually was more complicated than buying a house in the US. But, with Gaia in charge, she handled each issue with great professionalism. If we end up staying in Italy and buying a house, we will certainly use IREL again.

From Google Reviews, 2022

Spencer Fornaciari
They have been tremendously help from in the process of working on residence, and in particular Ljuba has been an incredibly valuable resource. Everyone is very responsive whenever I have questions and have made the process a lot easier to understand.

From Google Reviews, 2022

Anthony Leopardi
They were great and knowledgeable in every area. I highly recommend them for all your needs.

From Google Reviews, 2022

Tamarra Kaida
We hired Italian Real Estate Lawyers in February 2022 to help us through the process of searching, evaluating and buying a property in Italy.
We worked with Linda, Claudia and Ellen who are absolutely helpful, clear, and punctual in their emails. You could not ask for better service or more patience, empathy and support.
They submitted lists of properties which we added to our own online searches. They contacted the real estate agents and owners to gain more information and to negotiate prices and fees. They inquired about the structural integrity of the buildings, the required permissions for making any changes to the property, the certificates of compliance for the installation of the electrical, heating and plumbing systems. and the condition of these systems.
We are still in the process of searching for the right property, and when we do, we know they will be there for us. Kudos to you ladies and your staff.

From Google Reviews, 2022

Romina Velazquez
Benedetta Busi has been absolutely wonderful and informative. She has helped me greatly with understanding the laws of Italy and is very responsive. I highly recommend Italian Real Estate Lawyers to anyone conducting an overseas transaction.

From Facebook – April 11th, 2022

Antonio Barragan
IREL are amazing! They really took all the pressure off of me and my wife, filed all of our paperwork, handled all communication, navigated the bureaucracy and represented us at the closing, so that my wife and I could enjoy the process of buying our Italian dream home, without even traveling to Italy. They are also reasonably priced for the service they provide.
Many thanks to Linda, Benedetta, Marco and the entire team. DO NOT buy a home in Italy without them. 🇮🇹 🙏🏼

From Facebook – February 10th, 2022

Chris DiNardo

The team at Italian Real Estate Lawyers has been fantastic in helping navigate the buying of my dream house in Italy. I have worked with Linda and Emma and both are very responsive and very patient in answering all the questions that I have. They know how to navigate the rules and regulations which at times can be difficult for US buyers who are familiar with the US regulations. They translated documents and explained any questions that I had. They have been proactive and extremely helpful in anticipating the steps in the process to make this a successful purchase. If you are looking to buy in Italy, dont hesitate to use this service as it is important to have this legal representation!

From Google Reviews, 2022

Douglas W

The team at IREL helped us achieve our dream of purchasing a retirement flat in beautiful Florence, Italy. They diligently worked with us on every step of this complicated process, communicating with us on a regular basis. Now they are managing the property until we move to Italy, including renovation, utilities setup and tax payments. And the entire team are wonderful to work with, welcoming us to Italy like family🇮🇹. Thank you all so much🤗!

From Google Reviews, 2022

Felix Gardner

I could not recommend this firm more highly! We chose this firm based on recommendations from several people and also based on the fantastic reviews and we were not disappointed. We were understandably apprehensive about purchasing an Italian home from another country and during a travel ban but Linda and her assistant Claudia have made the entire process very pleasant. We dealt primarily with Linda through the search and purchasing process and she was always very responsive to any questions we had and always answered them in a timely fashion. She listened carefully to what we were looking for in a home and sent us MANY different homes to look at. She acted as our liaison to the realtor and to the notary (notaries are the ones who do the title search and also handle the closing process in Italy) and all of that was handled with the utmost in courtesy and professionalism.
The firm also offers post sale services such as having all of the utilities transferred to your name, getting the local taxes setup, having the trash service setup, wifi setup and they can even help you find a cleaning person. Claudia has been helping us with this and like Linda has been extremely helpful, responsive and just an all around pleasure to work with!
The cost in my opinion is very reasonable for the service you receive and above all for the peace of mind they provide.
If you are dreaming of owning your own little piece of Italy then don’t hesitate to contact Italian Real Estate Lawyers!

Thanks for making this a painless and even pleasurable experience.

From Google Reviews, 2022

Adriana Marquez

The staff at Italian Real Estate Lawyers offered me a no-fee comprehensive first consultation. When we met, the staff was so welcoming and knowledgeable. They put me at ease and gave me the confidence to pursue what initially seemed so daunting. Their assistance, from choosing the property through all the steps to legally owning the property, has taken an enormous burden away from me. The overall purchasing process has been clear and without surprises. They make you feel like family. I highly recommend anyone seeking a property in Italy to give them the opportunity to earn your business. A shout out to Emma Piva, a member of the IREL team, she knows too well, how to go above and beyond at every touchpoint of what could be a very difficult process. Always finding the best alternatives! I highly recommend her!

From Google Reviews, 2022

Ali Ambrosio

IREL was an excellent choice. We bought a small apartment sight-unseen in NE Italy and the assistance of Linda and her colleagues was so valuable. We still had to be very active in the process – which is to be expected – but we knew we were being well assisted the whole time.

From Google Reviews, 2022


When my husband and I decided to buy a home in Italy we had no idea how to begin. Luckily, he watched some videos on it and ran across Italian Real Estate Lawyers. We decided to go ahead and set up an appointment to see what they had to offer and talk about pricing (I was terrified about finding out about the pricing).
The first thing that happened was that they ensured that there was an American translator to ensure that there was no misunderstanding and that the lawyers understood each question and that we understood each answer to its fullest. The translator was something that I did not know that I needed until it happened; I left the meeting truly feeling like all questions were understood and honestly answered. They educated us on things that we would have never thought about, because it would never be an issue in the US. Remember different country different rules.
The second thing that happened was that I learned how much their service was going to cost, which was BEYOND affordable. At this point I realized that I could have a house in Italy and everything that my husband and I have been working for was going to happen. Our retirement dreams are coming true! Now this next part is where it really gets impressive.
My husband and I were very blessed to be assigned Linda Balboni (I strongly suggest that you personally ask for her). We explained to Linda that our budget was very small and was not negotiable. At this point I was expecting that we would become low priority; but that wasn’t the case at all (in fact she probably worked harder because of it). Linda treated us like we were buying a million-dollar villa in Italy.
When we started this process, we did not know where we wanted to buy. We had traveled through Italy and loved every inch of it, so we were open. Due to our budget, we didn’t want to limit our options to just one area. We wanted to find the right house to fit our budget and dreams. I sent multiple emails to Linda daily, with probably 15 links to houses on each one. Linda then looked each one up and gave us the history on it and let us know if she felt like it was a good deal or not. As an example, there was this beautiful house in northern Italy, that if I was doing this on my own, I probably would have purchased it. After Linda researched it, she informed us of everything including that the closest parking was about 200 meters away. This was not acceptable for our needs.
Long story short. There truly is not enough good things that I can say about Linda and how well she represented Italian Real Estate Lawyers. I felt like I was flying first class with them each step of the way.

From Google Reviews, 2022

Daniel Rainey
I can’t say enough good things about the continuing services that were provided after we purchased our home in Italy with this company. We paid an Initial fee for assistance with setting up utilities and three additional tasks. We were assigned to a specific person, Georgiana, who helped us coordinate furniture deliveries, new AC installation, WIFI SETUP, and various tasks. We’ve been happy to pay additional amounts as new issues arise. It’s not easy to get established in a new country, and especially in Italy which requires a lot of patience and paperwork. I highly recommend these additional services that are offered by this company after you purchase your property.

From Facebook – March 7th, 2022

Aude Green

With Italian Real Estate Lawyers we had an excellent service from start to finish. Completely stress free with the very professional help of Claudia who dealt with each stage of the contract seamlessly.
Thank you to the team and we can not recommend them highly enough!

From Google Reviews, 2022

Dr. ieshai Bailey, CMHC,LMHC, CST

I learned about IREL from a YouTube podcast and reached out to them. Words cannot express how thorough, pleasant, and professional they were. Linda Balboni connected me with Benedetta Busi and from the moment I received an email, I knew I made the right choice. Benedetta guided me and advocated for me every step of the way!!! I am truly thankful for her and the team.

From Google Reviews, 2022

Domenico Zanti
Buying and selling a house in Italy is never easy, but thanks to the collaboration with this law firm everything is simplified! Very satisfied with their collaboration; professionalism and availability. Special thanks to Dr. Claudia K. I look forward to collaborating with them again.

From Google Reviews, 2022

Calin Simonca

When buying a property in Italy there is a lot of unanticipated bureaucracy that is difficult to navigate alone. If you don’t speak Italian you may not know where to begin. Attorneys Linda B and Claudia K speak English, were easy to work with, and were attentive to make sure the process is smooth and easy. They were there every step of the way. The cost of their service is fair and reasonable, considering everything involved. I am glad they were there for me. I highly recommend them and will use them again in the future.

From Google Reviews, 2022

Robyn Bruni

We are so greatful to have found Linda and her team, They walked us through every step and made buying our Italian dream home a possibility. She was quick to respond to all my questions and patiently taught me everything I needed to know to buy our home. Their after sales service to change all the utilities over into our names has been a great experience, another way they take the stress away from setting up your home.

From Google Reviews, 2022

Kerri Smart

Our dream to purchase a home in Italy became a wonderful reality, even during a pandemic! Thanks to the assistance of Attorney Marco Permunian and his fabulous Assistant Linda. The process (from signing our contract, to the offer and inspections and finally the deed) was all an extremely smooth affair.

To know they were an email away whenever we had questions or concerns was extremely reassuring. Excellent communication throughout the entire process. We highly recommend the Italian Real Estate Lawyers for anyone considering purchasing a home in Italy. You will be in excellent and capable hands!

Thanks again, The Smart family – Florida, USA.

From Google Reviews, 2022

Vina Maria Palazzo

Thank you for all your help! I can’t imagine having to complete this process without the amazing assistance we received from Linda and Claudia.

From Facebook – November 9th, 2021

Ian Green

Italian Real Estate Lawyers where so professional at every stage of the contract! With the help of Claudia the process was completely stress free from start to finish! Thank you to the team! Could not recommend them enough!

From Facebook – October 8th, 2021

Jindrich Kloub

We highly recommend Italian Real Estate Lawyers to anyone looking to buy property in Italy. They are professional, responsive, and provide overall a great service. The entire process, from negotiating with the seller to closing and transfer of utilities was made easy and safe for us thanks to Marco, Linda, Claudia, and the rest of their team.

From Google Reviews, 2021

Luigi Marandola

Even though I speak Italian as my second language, it’s difficult to read and understand Italian real estate law and process. Italian Real Estate Lawyers were a HUGE help in conducting my real estate transaction in Italy. Knowledgeable, professional, responsive… helped me take care of everything! Thank you especially to Linda!

From Google Reviews, 2021

Alberto Vispi

I chose Italian Real East Lawyers based on other positive reviews that I read on-line. I am moving from Los Angeles California to Sicily. I hired Italian Real Estate Lawyers to review my lease agreement. The cost for same was fair and reasonable, and the counsel that I got was priceless. The person whom I worked with me at the law firm was Linda Balboni, whom I cannot thank enough for her help and counsel. Linda is very knowledgeable and professional. When my family and I are ready to buy our house in Sicily, I will definitely contact Linda at Italian Real Estate Lawyers.

From Google Reviews, 2021

G Craft

Linda Balboni has been and continues to be so helpful in the process of relocating to Italy! I purchased a property, sight unseen with out any worries at all. Linda was and still is extremely responsive. She kindly answers all of my questions. I highly recommend the Italian Real Estate Lawyers for purchasing property in Italy!

From Google Reviews, 2021

Joseph Talbet

I worked with Italian Real Estate Lawyers to close two properties in Italy; Lake Como and Tuscany. They are extremely professional and go above and beyond to accommodate their clients. Although we had to deal with many hiccups along the ways due to bureaucracy and me closing from overseas, they handled every situation in a very professional manner.

I personally thank Guilia and Francesca for their great communication and professionalism.

I would absolutely go back to Mr. Marco for future collaboration. I give their agency 5-stars, which I strongly believe they deserve even more.

Thank you, you have earned another satisfied customer

From Google Reviews, 2020

Tomika B.

Marco, Giulia and Fabrizio have made our homeownership in Italy a wonderful reality! They are extremely dedicated professionals who have expertly guided us through every step of this complicated process. Their degree of communication was outstanding, never hesitating to answer in detail every question we had as first time buyers of property overseas. And, finally, they are so courteous and so friendly! For all of these reasons we would gladly recommend their services to anyone who shares the same dream as ours.

From Google Reviews, 2020

John RD

I would highly recommend Marco, Fabrizio and the entire team at IREL. They were professional, knowledgeable and efficient throughout the entire process of purchasing a property in Turin. Marco provided assistance in finding the perfect property for us, negotiated with the owner, organised for appropriate documentation, inspected the property and ensured the entire purchase process went smoothly. Even after the sale was complete he was available for advice and to liaise with the agent and previous owner. Thank you for your patience and hard work to ensure we were able to purchase our dream Italian home from the other side of the world!

From Facebook – February 3rd, 2019

John Morrone

Fabrizio and the entire office provided us with excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to every detail of our home purchase abroad. From the negotiation to the closing the entire team worked closely with us to ensure that all legal requirements were satisfied. They conducted themselves in an utmost professional matter and clearly explained all steps in the process. Even after the closing they continue to support and answer any and all questions we may have and have even helped us with the transfer and connection of all the utilities and much more. If you’re looking to purchase a home abroad, we would highly recommend Italian Real Estate Layers.

From Facebook – December 20th, 2018

Nick Priola

I’d highly recommend the team. They make the process simple from abroad.

From Facebook – June 29th, 2018

Niccolò Dal Cortile

I Highly recommend Marco and the rest of the team if you are looking for real estate in Italy. They handled the whole purchase process with the maximum care and professionalism, while I was abroad, and I did not even need to travel to Italy at any time during the process. They kept me updated during every step of the process and found a buyer for my house in no time. I could not be happier with their services!

From Google Reviews, 2018

Maria Zaccaro

I couldn’t be more pleased with the services I have received. The entire staff was knowledgeable, patient and helpful beyond my expectations. They made me feel like my desire to find a home in Italy was a top priority and in a very short time my lovely flat was ready and waiting for me!

I highly recommend their services especially if you are new to navigating the ins and outs of securing a property in Italy.

From Google Reviews, 2018

Joe Sabia

Marco was fantastic in assisting me with my needs. Diligent, responsive, and very quick to help with every question I had. Cannot recommend his services any more.

From Google Reviews, 2017

Martina Pontalti

Words are not sufficient to thank this team for all the help they gave me in buying my Italian house. I dreamt about it all my life and now it is a true reality. I couldn’t be happier!! At the beginning, I was insecure about what would be the best option in terms of location and price, but these guys know how things work in Italy better than anyone. All the steps of the negotiation went pretty well. Now I can spend the summer with my family in our beautiful house in Tuscany and plan my future life here. I strongly recommend IRES team for anyone who wants to do business in Italy. You guys rock!

From Google Reviews, 2017

Antonio Musillami

As a practicing attorney, I have rather high expectations when I retain another law firm to represent me.. and I was consistently impressed by the service, attention to detail, and availability that I experienced while being represented by this firm. They do outstanding work, and their attorneys and support staff are a pleasure to work with – I recommend their services very highly and without reservation!

From Google Reviews, 2017

Alyssa Civitello

Navigating the Italian real estate purchasing process can be very intimidating, but Marco & Fabrizio were there to help me through each and every step. I couldn’t have done it without their help and I’m so glad that I had them on my side.

From Google Reviews, 2017

Erica Dini

When my husband and I decided to purchase a home in Tuscany from halfway across the world in Chicago, we knew we needed to search for an advocate, someone we felt confident would guide us through the complexities of the process with our best interests in mind. We found just that in Benedetta and the Italian Real Estate Lawyers team. They were always professional and responsive, representing us through the search, offer and finalization of the deed as PoA. We highly recommend Benedetta and team, and will continue to utilize their services as we get established in our new home.

From Google Reviews, 2017

Silvia Rossi

I really appreciated their promptness and professional help. They have always been available throughout the whole process so that I finally managed to purchase my vacation house at Lake Garda… Thank you guys! It would have been so difficult without your help!

From Google Reviews, 2017

Joe DeLuca

I could not be happier with Marco and Fabrizio’s work. They handled every detail of my apartment rental from negotiating a good price, to arranging internet service, and they did it all promptly, and professionally. I would have been lost without them.

From Google Reviews, 2017

Natalia Bertelli

If you need help to buy a property in Italy, do not look elsewhere. Marco and Fabrizio will ensure your peace of mind while helping you deal with all things related to your new real estate in Italy – from price negotiation, to legal services, to setting up any utilities required. With perfect communication in English, which will avoid any misunderstanding.

From Google Reviews, 2017